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Friday, November 13, 2009

Mouce is in the Mafia with "Real Spit"

Mouce Mafia (M2), Every now an then some good marketing and some "Real Spit" music comes into my Inbox, but I can't say that it isn't true that Florida presents some serious cool. Like my bois, Jeff Fresh , Tha South , DirtyZoe, Star Easy, n' GhostWridah, I'm hafta get this talent to get together all one mixtape to show off therr talent. An, none of that can be disputed. Mouce comin' up good with his Big City swag reppin Florida for sure! 

Coming to collect, the first track is "Put it in the Bag". An you know that DJBankrupt gonna love that for sure. Even his own momma says he's thugged out, but Mouce says, "It all started on a Karaoke machine." As a tot, he was selling his self produced albums at school, real. "Lost My Mind" remind me of some solid Brooklyn swag mixed with that atomic Bat Cave Floridian Kool-aid. Ya, ya, yah he definitely lost his mind on the track but it sounds great. An I totally know that I'm on point, by sayin that when I heard "Higher Than You" burn that slow, but the Canadian bud is gonna beat that shit. Legalize the shit, and most of these guys won't need to rap from prison anymore. 

An " I Don't Care " I like that track too, so I can't say what I don't really like on this joint tonight, cause like he says, I don't care. Nothin bad on there. His Mixtape "Ryda Life" garnered a shit storm of attention throughout Florida. His Video "Ganksta Solja" set the standard for underground videos, and reached number 3 on the charts of VideoMixx, a Miami based video network. And, I have to totally agree "I'd Rather Get Bread" an we all gota hussle for sure.  Many of the same obstacles that face our urban youth today have been overcome by Mouce, who inspires kids in his old neighborhoods to believe that with dedication, anything is possible; an they needa get their money right. So this guy's building a newer better mouce trap, and he's a couple steps away from perfectin the formula to get in the face of some. An you know, "I Gotcha!" Damn straight, I got you Mouce! Some def true rap on that track. So, if you think you Higher than Mouce tonight, buckle up that seat belt in the hot boxed car. An get downloading an get good an cooked to this the Mouce Mixtape an when the cops pulls your ass to the curb, tell 'em DJBankrupt made you do it on that US Cops show and tell him to put the money in the bag! Hit this guy up on his Twitter, on his Myspace, fuck even on his Youtube, an comment in that little box below to show your support for his music, when you done bein stoned an can type straight! 

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