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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ghostwridah in 305s Heartbreak

Damn, when I started listenin I was thinkin this was just gonna be another mixtape, an the write would be hard, cause I am exhausted tonight, an won't have patience with the tracklist or any number of excuses. An, I was pleasantly surprised listening to Ghostwridah's mixtape. From the onset, this release shows the way datpiff releases, web releases, cd releases, should be done. I have to agree, that the jungle needs a new big cat to rule it. With the game hurtin, at all new low levels Ghostwridah hits the lyrical platform with some real hard hitting music. Not ringtone rap, as he would say. Born and raised in South Miami, Florida, GhostWridah was introduced to Hip-Hop and inspired to rap by his older brother. And with his older brother's hardship ( his brother received a twenty year prison sentence for being in the wrong place at the wrong time ) he realized a few things of the highest importance.

I realized that my drive and hard work in Hip-Hop was based on much more than a Bentley and a chain. It’s based on the amount of people I have depending on me to make something of myself - my brother is one of them.

From the onset on the mixtape, it's definate chill , no hype , no bullshit on the track list. No Dj hostage rap, with gunshots and such.
"Celebrate Lyfe"
is really interesting track, an like i said some chill-hop trip-hop feel to it. An, even to the beat be slow, I'm not sleepin on this at all an that's after hurtin on a whole day's work. Bustin it, one track at a time. "The Enterance" has a mystical feel to it, rapping about the puppet show. "Say You Will" some serious flo on this one, i'm saying some lyrical prowness on the Kayne's beat? Hearing that I feel glad that I stayed up tonight, did my thing and listened good. This is the kind of stuff you wanna hear at the end of a long day.

"Welcome To The Heartbreak" makes big moves. He says, “I have to show people where I’m coming from so they understand where I am going” moma said let go - let god, someone else told me the same thing once. I respect the hustle - the drive - the motivation - the education on the beat, like an emotional deliverance from the regular shit.

"Bad News feat. Shifta" is truthfully a real good song, even tho the line says, real bad news on the rap. He says, “ God is the reason for each and every rhyme I’ve ever written, He is the reason I lived to tell my stories.” And I have to respect the struggle, in fact you have to respect the struggle, Shifta's rap on this track is seriously sick ( in a good way ) supah rastah.

" I use my songs to spotlight what my life is like and what I've experienced... Music is my place of freedom, a place where I make the rules, a place where I set the standards... It's my own world. "

Gettin back to the tracks, "Could've Had it All" was some hurtin on the beat, pushin out some real hard emotion, and complex intelligent lyrical intent. He's definately, branded his own path toward greatness. No need for me to tell it to you. "Amazing" I think is gotta be my favorite track of the mixtape tho, definately like that track it is amazing how he laid this down. Show your support his him up on the Twitter box, beat him down on the Myspace, get at him for his promo cause he's got what you need on that too. "The Exit" is exactly that, a graceful exit to a great mixtape. Everybody that I know, is tryin to climb to the top, but this boy has profound topics and fresh wordplay on the beat. The exit almost serves as a warning to 'clown rappers' as he calls them, that Ghostwridah is comin for their house, their car, their jewelry, their cash. An you can bet i'm be helpin a brotha out with that. Yet another legendary article about a lengendary release, on Music Money Mixtapes, and that there is my exit.

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