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Friday, October 16, 2009

Tha South - Fire Starter

Tonight, I'm checking out Tha South's mixtape "Fire Starter".
There must be something hard in the water down there in South Florida cause wit the success of artists from Trick Daddy to Rick Ross nobody can deny some real rap alligators are riding out of there. Now that all eyes are on the real bottom of the map let's take a real tough look at the self proclaimed, next big thing that South Florida has to offer. Hit up Garcon on Twitter or hit up is Myspace tonight.
Garcon aka ThaSouth says he is ready to make good on the promise that has prompted so many folks to call him "The Hardest dude Spittin". Last night, I was a bit hard on a rapper because the tracks sounded like shit on my speakers even thou the music was kickin, so let's get the fire started here. Again, if you can get past the insane Djs driving you insane you'll maybe get to this real hot track.
"Grind Everyday" an I have to say I'm impressed with it but I hate how these songs cut out. Maybe its a marketing thing, but it doesn't make any sense to me to break up music like that. An if I wasn't shittin myself every 10 minutes with this fuckin Swine Flu, I'd have more patience I'm sure, cause this is some good rap! Of course minus the Dj I'm gonna love the track "Cash Flow" referencin Trump, yes yes, I actually listen to every tape, all the way threw more than once, unless you suck! "No question 'bout me I'm still high". An I'm likin "Either You"'s flow too. had me laughin at "'the circus is gone''. Some where some people lost their swagger, and startin expectin that their mixtapes wouldn't sell. When the purpose is to promote, to light a fire up under the fans ass it seems wrong to let these Djs wreck tracks like on "Lay Down" this is a sick track, it's got some great flow and some truth in the lines - pushin expectations 'short on the fusé' takin over the block lets get it out. And the reference to 'Patiently Waiting' bein my favorite track from 50, i love that too.
"Out Here Grindin" got some sick flow to it too an the chickee Jezreel is pertee tight, but I'm gonna say the same thing - show your skillz layoff a bit on the Djs blowin off. So, I'm gonna have to say my favorite tracks for the night have gotta be, "Rain" and "Whippin" So let's Rain on these rappers that have so much less talent, and kick shit up a notch and keep it tight every night - like this FireStarter from Garcon! Get "Whippin" an Comment or Somthin 'bout Tha South.

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