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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

StarEasy has Got Da Munches

Star Easy has Got Da Munches, up here we call em' the muncheees, an we don't get um from bein hungry for money.Local extraordinaire C. Wakeley is pushin Star Easy to raise the tempature of South East Gorgia to an all time high.Most Georgian folks know this boy asa he was, mista Marshard "Shard" McKngiht in the sedated town of Waycross, GA.He hits hard on the track "Where it at?" If you were wonderin, Star Easy an his home boys Palay, Killa and Big Smoove are also known as the S.E.GA Boys signed to Earthwake Entertainmentrockin Georgia, Florida n' Alabama hurtin on the way in.

An Star Easy aint no punk bitch, he's supportin his clique hardcore cause that's just how it is. Star Easy says, " This journey isn't just about me, it's a war for my entire hometown. Now that all the weight is on my shoulders I have to stand up because haters expect the worst. I want those that follow in my footsteps to know that it's never just one way to achieve success and I will definitely be a S.E.GA Boy for life cause I love them and I am so grateful for them supporting this move. "

Star Easy is sure footed, steady on his journey to portray life as vividly and charismatically through his music and is destined to make a name for himself real soon.

With his explosive delivery, vivid word play and remarkable focus sure smells like,somebodies got some trees. A halarious Kush track "Anybody Got Some Trees", yah gota have it tho, for real.If yah, hittin the bong tonight, turn this one up on full volume. You're holdin out on me aren't yah, i know you got some...

"Every time" gives you notice why the boi Big Smoove is called smoove, for serious. A classic R&B rythm infused with hard focus balls to the wall rap, in pure ghetto style. " cause fuckin you is all I see" putin the old boys Naughty by Nature to shame, I saw em' cryin over there in the corner when this track come on, and the girl droolin somethin serious up by the bar.

"You can't get mad" is definately an artistic take on the hater track routine. What yah mad for? Pushin the hater blockin to another planet, an they mad cause they lost Georgian's drunk in Florida makes for some wild rythm Georgian Swag mixed with Floridian Purple Haze is a crazy combination!

" Ït Don't Stop" you know is gonna be my favorite track on the list tonight, despite them high end sounds and this swine flu head-ache raging. I want that money, it just don't stop. I'd like to hear this track minus those high tweetin sounds, so I could play it real loud, an put the same keys just on a lower pitch, then that'd be a club track for me. The next best track for me that's crackin is gonna be, "Where it's at" that's somethin good once you get past the Dj style weirdness. So play it hard on the speakers, an go tell this brotha where the 50 grand went. All that money, where it at? All them hoes, where they at? I see you in the street boy, an I don't see nothing. I couldn't have said that shit any better, "game recognize game". Hit the brotha up on his Twitter man, hit the brotha up on his cell phone like Al Capone, on the Myspace and download the mixtape tonight.

Every night, you read the hard core caliber of this writtin even when I'm pitchin the slang on this blog. So I'm comin for your cash, an dem S.E.GA boys are gonna help me get your money, an for the record, I'm from the North Side, an we don''t got no place for haters up in here. Now I told you, go get me them muncheeese an comment down there in that box.

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