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Monday, October 26, 2009

DIRTYZOE - The Birth Of Dz Mixtape

So who's this guy shakin up miami florida? Who's this DZ guy, shakin me down on Twitter while I sit my massage chair way way up in the cold Canadian North. This boi is on the radar now. Not sure who Dj Promise but let's get down to business. "LET ME PUT YOU ON THE GAME" is a long title but I like this track right off the first beat. This boy DirtyZoe is from the Matrix, that's what the boys says. So what 'bout him? Real easy to get ahold of this bro on the twitter box, even while he's spittin ryhmes in the booth. For a freestyle, and only Volume 1 this is pretty good stuff comin outa Miami this evening.

"OBSESSED" is the standard whack track about Haters. A bit different tho, in the beat an got some better lyrics that the general rap judo. Like he says, Money is the Object, raised in the projects. Makes perfect sense to me, n' i guess if you don't have some haters you probably don't have much of a career. I like the speed of the mixtape and how the music flows together.

"G-Shock" great low end, but I'm not sure how these high end spooky sounds are gonna work on the big poppin speakas. Kinda like a bionic chronic twisted swag for sure. Unlike a bunch a doods that come into this media, with nothing this guy has got a whole lota shit in the pocket to show ya on the youtube you can find him. An damn he's got some sick bros comin in and out on these tracks. Sounds like the guy has definately done his homework. That's for sure.

Now until, the song "Money" the tracks were real loud, - so you gotta turn your speakers up, but I definately like this money track, you know how I'm lookin for money tracks for my mixtape, that I be pushin past the planet in 2010. Maybe, I'ma convince this brotha to hit me with it. God, I gota confess this, money on mind. I'm a dummy hungry for the money, amen brotha.

Listenin to "Wasted" that's a freestyle, and that's pretty wicked matrix shit if that's a true free style. An as I listen I realize this boy too, he's got his own Ring Tones too. So go get 'em, I think you youngins betta get your game up if the new cat's be killin it with ringtones, an all kinds of promo. Somebody gota come mix the levels for this brotha tho, cause one song loud, one song mid, one song soft, so where's the Dj at? Ya, who cares cause this boi got it down all by his lonesome.

"DZ TREND ZOE JBUCK" is some great shit too! Love the low end drum, pushin the beat. Trend, does his twisted sick best on the track too, going hard for sure that lyrical slaughter fo sho. An what up, this otha bro JBuck is settin the bar high too. DZ hurtin the beat for sure.

, is has got crazy drops from friends, Killa, Buck, Gino. Is a real sick track tonight. I'm still hurtin to figure out which one I like the best tonight. Ok, an you know I'm gonna sound like a Jerk on this but, um. Jerk, that's the best rendition of a crap track.

Ok, so I'm a hafta say "OBSESSED REMIX" and "MONEY" are the best tracks of the night. Hit this brotha up on his Myspace. An everybody gonna hear about this boy soon, one he get's outa the Miami heat! So help him do that ok? Get out to the shows, support your local rap music scene! An see that comment box down there, well ya can even use that too. Download his mixtape. Invest in the best, shred the rest, Music Money Mixtapes!

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