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Thursday, July 8, 2010

@GunZZ_Pistoleer Murda Crew Join the Music Money Mixtape Family

It's about time for somebody to finally put Jersey on the map, and there is only one group that is willing to do so, and that is the Murda Crew. Each member of the Crew has their own background as well as style and flow. Layz, born Tharien Harrison, represents the Newark area of New Jersey. E-GunZZ, aka George Morando represents the Oranges . DJ Arena aka Juice, born Daniel Arena, represents West NY, NJ. And J-Eazy, born Juan Carlos Tejada, represents Perth Amboy. As far as style goes, each person in this group has something different to bring to the table. The members are each battle rappers, but individually they each possess their own style that they call their own. Layz possesses the cocky swag, disrespectful, spit in your face punchline flow, something like Cassidy mixed with Jae Millz. Arena has a style that isn't like anybody elses, he doesn't rely on quick one liners but is just full of them, a real undefined style of wordplay, kind of like an early Talib Kweli or Common. J-Eazy owns the west coast mixed with a little bit of reggeton style of rap, kind of like a Spanish version of Eazy-E. And E-GunZZ possesses the gutter street, horror film graphic psycho path type of flow, kind of like a mixture of Grafh, DMX, Method Man, 2pac and Eminem. As all of these styles are mixed together, you are given the soon to be greatest group in the history of hip-hop. As far as influences go, each Crew member has many that give them their own unique style. Arena's influences are DMX, 2pac, Nas, Common, Big L and Shyne. E-GunZZ finds his influences in artists such as 2pac, Grafh, Ludacris, DMX, Eminem, Bone Thugz-N-Harmony, Onyx, The Game, Necro, Iron Solomon, along with plenty of other artists. Layz says that his influences are Jay-Z, Cassidy, B.I.G., Nas, Kanye West, Common, Lil’ Wayne, Papoose, Joe Budden, The Game, DMX, and Big L. J-Eazy’s influences are Eazy-E, Lil’ Flip, Bone Thugz-N-Harmony and 2pac. Even though each member of the group has their own approach when stepping to the microphone, they each have the same common goal, and that is to sit New Jersey on its well deserved throne in hip hop history.

Check them out on Myspace follow them on Twitter listen to them on Music Money Mixtapes Station. Their music is now in rotation.  

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