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This station is owned and operated in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. It is 100% artist supported by artist music. We are 100% underground culture. Slots are just $10, that will get your song into rotation on this station and also on a mixtape. Which means: Double exposure, if the song is really good it might be in rotation for 90 days+. We support unsigned, small label artists and their djs that push the music on a daily basis.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why Music Money Mixtapes?

" I think too many sites concentrate on pushin out so much shit that you can sort anything out. So when you look for a review or just a taste of an artist, where the fuck you gonna get that. Your gonna get that here. Beecause I talk with all these cats before I do a write up on em'. And, that's the simple difference, it's for the fan of the music, so fan's gonna find the important infos in one place, not spread all the way the fuck across the galaxy. I appreciate this music in every form, in every respect, from the fast to the sloo dro shit. So if you say, why who the fuck am I? The real question you oughta be askin is who the fuck are you? And, do your people know where the fuck to get ahold of you at? Or your to important for that? You gota respect the fan, that's what I'm sayin here. Here, your get the newest shit I find on these guys, your not gonna read re-hash shit cause that what every other blog is for. And nobody reads that shit any more, people wanna read cool shit not a fuckin news feed right? So, I'm gonna have a new peep for you every night that I can. And that's somethin you can look forward to readin. Thanks for reading my rant. You get exposure here, but you also get it on"

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