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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Kid Hustle

Let Me Introduce to you: The Kid Hustle

So, my blog is catchin fire already! Found another rapper tonight on Twitter. Seems to be happenin allot these days. So, whatcha do? You post'em like me. The Kid Hustle has got in goin down. Some interesting remix of Thug Mansion an a lil 2pac in there. He tells me there's allot more comin before winter. So stay tuned in for that.

Bio: " The long awaited debut from Chicago's newest and most exciting hiphop artist, The Kid Hustle. Making his entry into the music world with "Kid Hustle Is A Threat", a 16 track release featuring hard hitting club banger beats like "Tuxedo Lover" and "Fandemoff" to introspective and meaningful songs like "Different Worlds" and "Street Stories"."

You can hit him up on myspace or you can follow him on Twitter I suggest checkin out what you can on his myspace page, there's all the downloads from his new mixtape. He's on twitter all the time so you can get ahold of him on there.

I'm likin this track Let it Rain. "i'm not used to bein seen, not used to bein evil" Go ahead, let it rain then. I think you gonna like it too.

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