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MMM Radio - Canada's Mixtape Station
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This station is owned and operated in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. It is 100% artist supported by artist music. We are 100% underground culture. Slots are just $10, that will get your song into rotation on this station and also on a mixtape. Which means: Double exposure, if the song is really good it might be in rotation for 90 days+. We support unsigned, small label artists and their djs that push the music on a daily basis.

[ Bankrupt Basement (Live) Show Saturdays 12-2AM EST ] [ Station Requests ]

MMM RADIO: Show Schedules

DJ Bankrupt

Marketer, Ghost Writer, MMM Radio owner, Mixtape Mailbox show host. I do live shows on Bun Radio; Backyard Underground Network,  WTS Radio show host, known as The Mixtape King O' Tweet. ExecSquad Dj, LordGang Dj,Vendetta Djs, Coast2Coast mixtape dj. 
"Steet Grind Entertainment" Show Times
Fridays: (Starting At)
8AM Central 
8PM Central 

Street Grind Entertainment was formed by two DJ’s: DJ T-NYCE and DJ Terrorizzer. They have both been mixing for over 18 years and have always had a passion for music.
The DJ’s are also brothers who have the same father, different mothers and did not grow up together. They were born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and did not meet until they were both teenagers. Amazingly, the brothers led similar lives without having even met each other. Since meeting each other for the first time, they discovered that they both enjoyed mixing music at local clubs, parties, weddings, and any occasion that calls for a DJ. 
A few years ago their paths parted when DJ T-NYCE moved to Texas to get into recording and producing for a major recording studio in San Antonio, Texas. DJ Terrorizzer also moved into different elements of music. He currently co-produces for a band called SHO NUFF. As an integral part of the group, he has complete control over the recordings and mixing.

DJ T-Nyce has been to venues in Canada and Europe and all across the States, he has also done Super Bowl Parties, won a DJ award in Tampa Florida( 2010) He is on 2 station in Europe and continues to grow more and more. He has been added to different DJ unions and  will be joining more in the near future.  You can check him out on MYSPACE.

The 420 Podcast
Fridays (Starting At)
4:20AM Central 
4:20PM Central

One of the hottest podcasts playing in the US right now. Brought to you by Music Money Mixtapes every Friday at 4:20 EST. You'll also hear the shows randomly during the daytime schedules. 

DJ Chris Capone:
"Lion's Den"

Fridays (Starting At)
10:00AM Central 
10:00PM Central

Inspiration, dedication, and motivation are just three words that describe DJ Chris Capone. "I just woke up one morning and told my friend GQ that I wanted to be a DJ, and he laughed at me." says Chris as he smiled. In April of 2007, he attended the San Diego Turntable Institution to aquire the basic knowledge and the history of turntablism. He would practice using vinyl records for three hours a day and listen to styles of other DJs. While attending SDTI he performed at local house parties in Oceanside and the Double Deuce Club. He was introduced to DJ Grande by GQ at a party who later brought him into UHDJs (United House Hip Hop DJs) whose director was DJ ARock. "When I joined UHDJs it created a chance to connect with other DJs and hook me up with better shows than the usual house parties," says Chris.

DJ Chris Capone created Infamwest in December of 2007, which stands for "Infamous Westcoast," and produces San Diego's DJ talent. One of which is DJ ARock that made his latest mixtape "DJ ARock American Superstar" under the Infamwest label in June 2008. Two months later, DJ Chris Capone released "DJ Chris Capone Sippin N Trippin IV: Alcohol Abuse." Not only is he a DJ, but DJ Chris Capone also has served as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps who was called, for a third time, to deploy for a year to Iraq in January 2008. So what's DJ Chris Capone planning for 2009? Chris says, "I'm featured in a collaboration for San Diego's Z90.3FM CD that comes out this December 2008, and I will do more shows and mixtapes." DJ Chris Capone left the United States Marine Corps in September of 2009 and started working with Young Gee under Crunch Gang Entertainment as his DJ. "Right now, I am working with  Young Gee in this cut throat industry, with many other San Diego artists and doing major venues ."

Dj Special Thanks to: God, Jose T. Rivera R.I.P., DJ ARock, Young Gee, DJ Cassanova, Sam Soto, Armando Flores aka GQ, The Soto Family, Muzik Junkies, DJ X-Ray, Direct Vinyl Source, Dope Graphics, DJ Nawtee, DJ Caliber, and to all my friends and family.  

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Thanks for coming to my blog, thanks for taking the time to read the shit on the page. Thanks for listening to the rappers music on this page. You don't know who I am, well that means I don't know who you are yet either. So get yourself some extra promotion by hitting me up on twitter, I'll give you my email address. You can email me your mixtape links, I'll listen and I'll give you my attention when I get a chance. A new mixtape almost every night. Weekends, a podcast is brewing! And that's how it is, first come first serve, or first bug me the most. For the most part, I am only featuring new or unsigned artists. But for the right price, I might consider pushin someone else who has a little extra cash already in the bank! So labels, get at me. Peace.

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