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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Massive Mixtape Collab @DJBankrupt

Ok finally I got about a second to tell you some shit about the massive mixtape collaboration.

It's been said, I may have completely lost my mind, but I'm going to do the biggest mixtape collaboration project of the decade. Forget anything you think you know about a mixtape. A couple artists get on a single and blast it out, nah nah. We all go home, then nobody hears from you again. This... is a LOT different. Something insane.

I can't tell you the name of the project...
I can't tell you what the cover is going to look like...
I can't even tell you how many people are going to be a part of this, but the # is high already.

But, I can let you in on something, I want you. If you're a hot artist and you think you got what it takes to be a part of a multi-country multi-artist mixtape; then email me back in reply to this message. If you are a beat maker, and you want your company logo, and your tracks blasted across the planet. Get at me right away. This is time sensitive limited opportunity.

This is a 20+ track mixtape, 3 artists per track. Pass it like a joint collaboration among artists in the bankrupt family.
This mixtape everyone is going to blast out to their fans. Each artist, that means at 20 tracks, x 3 artists x lets give a small # of fans at 1,000 that'll go out to 60,000 fans. I'm sure most of you rival 1,000 fans so this is massive.

All you need to do is be a part of something different. Put down a verse, Put down a hook, whatever it  is that you do best. Send me a sample of your work. All artists will need to when possible, record a mixed version and accapella version of their submissions for further remixing and promotion.

The theme, is... ah I can't tell you that either unless you are apart of it, this is a secret project. There will be allot of prelaunch work on this. If you're a DJ and you wanna help out and scratch on a track, or do something cool with the final mixes, you are welcome to jump aboard. Each track will be made to feature at least one lead artist, and two supporting artists all of which are important to make this all work. Lets make this something the industry stands up and notices. Something people will remember further than a week later. Then each follow up, to this mixtape madness will be even more anticipated, but you'll wanna be on the first one.... 

time sensitive, beats are already out, some artists are already working on this...
more beats will be required.. this is a promotional exclusive opportunity only. no fees will be charged on anything. all you need to bring is your talent. I know this is not in short supply, but slots will be..

This is a bankrupt production...
No one will know the title until the mixtape drops.
Lets make this, the one they should have been a part of.
You're going to have to email me to get on this one..... you should already know it.
If you don't and you are down with the idea, hit me on the twitter @DJBANKRUPT

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