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Friday, December 10, 2010

@DJ_5X Black Friday: Unleash The Midnight Mayhem

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 Hey, what can I say it's mixtape review day. I was Really impressed with Bun-B on Grindin all night. City I Know had some real good flow, I think that Roccett was best on this track, How we roll, would've been a better track if the beat was better. I would love to get the accapellas to remix, y'know cause the verses are tight. That's something I've been noticing lately, there's a lack of good ideas in the mixtape universe "the hook" is where you make or break your title, so get on that heavy. The end of Holla at Yah Boi, was halarious at that point I wanted to smash the speakers too. Platini, does alright but I can't take him seriously on this beat, reminds me of Zr0 or KRS Bring it Back is short for a reason another track where I think the artist and the talent gets overshadowed by a shitty beat.Young Riot, there's a unique voice, a unique twist to it, that's important. I really feel "Be Afraid" the caliber on there is on point, great stuff there. Roccett is complimented by G Malone and Jay Rock. Maybe I'm akin to likin this style more because of the shit we are going threw lately, but really up in Canada gangsta is where it's at. Y'know what I'm a big super fan of Mouce. I hosted an original mixtape from Mouce, I'm glad to see he's making super moves with this track Big City. I really, love Mouce and not in a gay way, he's on his way up for sure. I'm sorry to report the only song I like from Bigg Jigg on this mixtape is "Millionaire Walk". The track "Better" by iLLa is a dope chiller track, like that. All in all, the mixtape is worth a listen, especially with the upcomers on it. @DJBANKRUPT

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