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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

@COMPTONSDOUBLEP Gonna Catch @Tyga by the toe, #diss #video Never gonna let him go!

The Streets know yah @TYGA?

So like any story that's good and worthy of some smoke, I have to say this one is particularly interesting for the stir that's been creating on Facebook. Now Diss tracks most never get noticed, but this one is going to be, I'm certian of that. When you sit there and bust out ryhmes like this callin out somebody, well you just listen and see my bro Compton's Double P. @COMPTONSDOUBLEP catchin @TYGA by the toe on some serious bullshit!

Now not like your regular diss, this shit comes in phases, and you can check that out too. Cause you gonna hear allot more about this, for real. Now, lets just say I'm Tyga, I'm thinkin it's I might just wanna use my big money to buy me some better security, if a nigga can rob yah like that. Let's also consider, your old home boys callin you out. You needa do some hood damage control. Now on the other side if you Double P, You can stand to gain from catchin a @TYGA you might just get yourself a shiny new chain.

Now if you think for a second, this is all hollywood made up bullshit, I think you need to see the next video, and pay special fuckin attention to the gold chains on the bed. I've been payin attention to this guy since like mixtape one, and since I'm hostin the newest one that features this track. I heard this shit goes way back when pay attention to the lyrics on his past tapes. You'll recall "Murder Music" was on Dropaholic, and that's gonna be a special Canadian remix version. Not ever released online, it'll be a bonus track on the tape.

What the fuck do I know? Well, I know one thing about gang culture, I bet you can prolly catch @TYGA outside the Walmart with all those other fake *****'s wearin their colors. #DISS I said to my x-gf what's wit the gang bangers out side wallmart, she says shut up you gonna get us shot! I laughed my ass off and so did the dood with the ******** bandana he says, you not from around here are ya man, i said nope, and she nah he's a f'in crazy canadian. This was in Nov.98? u tell me if that's bullshit too. But from me to you, this is some crazy shit that's gonna go down. An Music, it's gonna be so tight Compton gonna be talkin. An' you heard that shit direct from yur Canadian Connect @DJBankrupt.

Who the fuck is me? I was thinkin the same thing 'bout you.

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