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This station is owned and operated in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. It is 100% artist supported by artist music. We are 100% underground culture. Slots are just $10, that will get your song into rotation on this station and also on a mixtape. Which means: Double exposure, if the song is really good it might be in rotation for 90 days+. We support unsigned, small label artists and their djs that push the music on a daily basis.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

@CeazaLeon Sese Brings "It Aint Safe" to #MMMRADIO

Sese feat. M.A.G.N.U.M, Mayhem Morearty & JRDN "It Ain't Safe"

Bankrupt Verdict: Sometimes I know why I'm from Canada, and this is the reason why to represent guys like this on my blog in an inspiration, and a slight of hand with some divination. "IT AIN'T SAFE" is anthem for the streets, and I'm just gonna say that's some serious shit goin down all the time round here, real talk. I'm definitely about my paper, isn't everyone? If you not, then you should shut this shit off. Cause people out here are hungry. Some hot T.Dot talent. Yeah I know, it's not a video per say, but this track is dope.

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