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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

@ktoxxx joins the Music Money Mixtapes family

Female Hip Hop Was Dead..Except for the Beautiful Trina-there has been no recent notable Hip Hop contributions until the emergence of Nicki Minaj..Kind of a cross between Lil Kim, Foxy Brown,Trina,Madonna,Lil Wayne,Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry..she is an excellent hybrid of pop and hip hop judging from her Superstar presence..

While lurking on twitter, I noticed KtoXXX,who in her bio donned herself,"Best Female XXX Rapper."...I didnt know what that meant or if I wanted to find out,but KtoXXX had a striking presence,and my curiousity piqued..

On KtoXXX's Twitter She didnt list her porn accomplishments,but I recognized her as Goldie Jackson who had also done films under ChristyXXX & Crystal Davis- ..although she seemed sexy,I just thought of her as a Lil Kim Knockoff who really did porn...

She started posting links to and her Youtube Channel. I was really impressed by some of her tracks...At best,she has a story to tell and an excellent way of delivering it...At worst, she's no role model for young girls... 

The Verdict: Kto is a force to be reckoned with, her unabashed style moves her forward. Her rap game is excellent. She works very hard to promote herself (if you know what I mean) so if you are wanting to hear more from this lovely lady. Listen to #MMMRADIO to hear her exclusive featured tracks. "Let'em Know (Featuring Mistah F.A" , "Boss Bitch" and "Party Girl" on Music Money Mixtapes radio station, Canada's only mixtape station.

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