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Monday, August 16, 2010

@crunkshitent Crunk Style Bangaz Vol. 6 #mixtape

4Tr3 DJs, Thrilla Ent, Crunk Shit Ent Presents: Crunk Style Bangaz Vol. 6

4Tr3 DJs Have Teamed Up With Thrilla Ent. & Crunk Shit Ent. To Bring You Crunk Style Bangaz Vol. 6. This Tape Is Full Of New, Exclusive Music and Remixes That Is Sure To Get It Crunk!!! Check Out Hot Tracks From Artists Such As MG, Mr. 704, Cheeta, 28 Grams, Trigga Mane, Gonja, Pimp (Dirty Boyz), Pastor Troy, Eightball, MJG, Kron Priest, Bravo, Gangsta Boo, Rasheeda, Jit James, Young Fixx, Trillville, Lil Jon, Trick Daddy & More!!! Feel Free To Add This Mixtape To Your Blog/Website/Playlists/Etc.

Track List:
1. Intro - On Top (Prod. By Tha Unit)
2. Betta Half & Yung Tatt - Get Up Get Up
3. M.G - Run It
4. Trigga Mane ft. Gonja - Cold Summer (Prod. By Gonja)
5. Kay Jay ft. D-Boi - Fuck What Ya Heard (Prod. By Tha Unit)
6. Mr. 704 ft. Pimp (of Dirty Boyz) - Show Em How To Do It
7. UnladyLike - On Yo Knees
8. Wally Beamin & International Tone - Swiper No Swipin
9. Cheeta - On Da Grind
10. HTC ft. M.G - Where U From (Prod. By Vybe)
11. Knuck - We Can Run It
12. Kron Priest - Losin My Mind (Prod. By Tha Unit)
13. 28 Grams - Talk Real Big
14. Pastor Troy ft. Rasheeda, 8Ball & Gangsta Boo - Don't Undastand
15. Keezy ft. Square & Young Sipp - Go Hard
16. 28 Grams - Pussy Wet Paint
17. Bruce Almighty - Checks In
18. Bravo - Body Rock (Prod. By Vybe)
19. Crunk Joose - Fool On The Dick (Prod. By Crunk Joose)
20. Lil Swisher ft. Young Gibbs - Get Wild (Prod. By Tha Unit)
21. U'nique - Rep Where You From
22. Mr. 704 ft. Pastor Troy - Fuck Em (Prod. By Soleternity)
23. Lil' Clee - Corn Bread Thick
24. Trillville - Get Sum Crunk In Yo System (Crunk Remix) (Prod. By Tha Unit)
25. Young Fixx - Hit Em (Prod. By Basshead)
26. Jit James - Big Paper (Prod. By Castro)
27. Big H - Toe Tag Dat (Prod. By Drumlord Rocki)
28. Trick Daddy ft. Lil' Jon, Twista - Let's Go (Tha Unit Crunk Rock Remix)

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