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Saturday, July 10, 2010

@SCONPROMOTIONS Artist: Chromatics added to "Mad Money" Mixtape Roster

Chromatics was born Richard Raj-Kumar on the 18th August, 1982 in the island of Trinidad.  Trinidad is known as the land of Carnival and Soca Music, Chromatics however felt more at home with the Hip Hop element.  Chromatics grew up with Heltah Skeltah, Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls and Rakim and with his cousins’ encouragement he began to write hip hop songs when he was twelve years old.  This led Chromatics down a long and arduous road that would mould his character and test his resolve. 

     Chromatics joined up with “Spotrushaz”, at the time a young and developing group of rappers, and began to really consider making music his career.  “Spotrushaz” quickly transformed into the most recognizable Hip Hop act in the country and they were constantly working.  The group released a flurry of singles (and videos) and radio stations took note.  “Triniman”, “True Soldierz”, “Mary Warner”, “Put the Chips Up”, “Blow” and more recently “Iron” cemented the group’s name and allowed the group to perform alongside some of the world’s biggest hit makers.  They opened for the likes of Ms. Jade, Sean Paul, Slick Rick, Dougie Fresh, Shannon, Lloyd E Stef, Bounty Killer and Elephant Man. 

Chromatics eventually parted with the group in 2006 and formed Highway Records Ltd. with his manager and business partner Stuart Fortuné.  He has since released his debut solo album “Against The Grain” which sold very well.  The album included many hit singles such as “Start It”, “Put It Up”, “Basement Party” and “The Ballad”.   

In 2008 Chromatics began to be recognized as the #1 Hip Hop act in the Caribbean.  He performed dozens of times including the Virgin Atlantic Barbados Music Festival, the Heineken Green Synergy Trinidad DJ Finals and Southern Caribbean Finals and also hosted Jus Jase/ Highway Records “I Am Hip Hop 1 ,2 &3.  Chromatics was also able to release two Hit singles in 2008, “Take Over” and “Money Back” which were both heavily rotated on various local radio stations.  

Chromatics continued his reign in 2009 with the release of “The Beat (Keep It Moving)” (Single and Video) and “They Know”. With this hit single release he was featured on Source Magazine in April 2009. He was chosen to represent Hip Hop at the Hennessy Artistry Trinidad’s concert at Club Zen in April.  In June Chromatics traveled to Toronto Canada to perform at the North by North East Music Festival where he was among the top five in Roger’s Fan Choice Awards.  This was being done all while producing and hosting “The Grind” (the only weekly Hip Hop radio program in the Caribbean at the time).  In November Chromatics became the first artist to be allotted a one hour Live special on Synergy TV’s Friday Night Live.  This show, “A Rebel Without A Pause”, received very high ratings and showcased his versatility as a performer interacting with a live band.   

Chromatics is currently working on the release of his sophomore solo album “The Glass Ceiling” which should be released in 2010.  He has just completed shooting the video for the albums’ first single “Cold Blooded” and is expecting to release it worldwide as soon as January.  A collaborative mixtape with Bang Em Smurf titled “Caribbean Heat Wave” should also be out soon.  He’s also busy with Highway Records “On Top Fridays” where he showcases Trinidad’s new and upcoming Hip Hop artist.  Chromatics has been grinding many years and now has the assistance of S-Con Promotions.  S-Con Promotions is an international promotion company and this alliance has already paid dividends with the recent release of “The Science of Colors” CD recently released in France and countless on air interviews across Europe and North America.   

Chromatics doesn’t plan to take a rest anytime soon and with all of his success he still remains humble.  He is open to any idea and enjoys spreading his music to the four corners of the globe.  He is a serious lyricist and his versatility is unbounded.  He intertwines the local Trini jargon with an international flow that leaves listeners amazed.  His Stage presence is that of a seasoned veteran and he always leaves the crowd wanting more.   

Check out Chromatics at he will be featured on the lasted Dj Bankrupt Mixtape "MAD MONEY".  For Bookings and Interviews please contact: Soriya Conliffe 240-565-2332. 

For more information on getting on this mixtape email: | subject: Coast2Coast debut.

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