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Friday, July 23, 2010

@QPid0825 Artist: Qpid added to "Mad Money" mixtape roster

QPid, a 80's baby was born in Texas just northeast of Dallas. Now a native of Memphis, Tn QPid is now at the top of his game. Discovered in February of 09 by So So Def producer Young Juve. A little over a year later QPid he is now signed to Divine Davys' Ice Cold Recordings. "I feel this is where I wanna be. Im with family at Ice Cold. I know Im not a tax write off. When I need my ass kicked I got people to do it and the the same people to pick me up" says QPid.

"Rida Girl" which was QPids' first single ever to get radio play got noticed by Sergio Clinket. Sergio quickly became a mentor in QPids life. QPid sit back watched and learned. After many nights in the studio, meetings and long phone converstations with the likes of Juicy J, TJ, Young Juve, Chris, Divine, Tony Dofat and Tone Yates, QPid feels its now his time. "Ive learned that working with different record companies this past year that this isnt a game but a business. Its like any other job. If the boss man isnt making money then Im not making money. So I have to give my all and put the best into my music. When I write its like a director putting a movie together or a painter painting on a canvis. I not only want you to hear what I say, but I want you to see words in a visual form."

QPid which has now released his second single "Never Gon Stop" off this late summers release "Split Personality" he is now in place to take this industry by storm. "I want my album to be "Thriller" like. Music for everyone. Too many artists are stuck on one mind frame and thats why music isnt selling. Give the people good music and they will buy" Speaking of QPid, "Im nothing without your talent" says CEO Divine Davy of Ice Cold Recordings. QPid is full steam ahead and is "Never Gon Stop"

Check out Qpid at: 
Check him out on Twitter at: @QPid0825

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