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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mixtape Mailbox - Episode 39 - WTF Beef Episode

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You know I normally don't have a beef with anyone, but I have one now. I guess that it makes for some good entertainment. So whatever, WTF Radio's DJ Zar is a fuckin goof ball and needed to be called out. I'm just going to let you know about the ways that he is bullshitting artists into getting involved in his top 100. In my opinion he was just doing it to try to get me  to send the artists i know his way, to send him $25 to be in the top 100 on his reverbnation hosted website while he freeloaded for a month on my station getting free broadcating, and when I asked for a measily $7 a month to support his 10 hours he dumped the station and put together his own station on the same servers that we host from. So fuck him and fuck the people who rip off artists. Listen to this episode even though the audio at the beginning was fucked up.

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