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Friday, July 30, 2010

@jdbfromthemag Joins Music Money Mixtapes Family

A Bright Light in a World of Dark, JDBfromtheMAG is a Christian Rapper who's making moves in Washington.

JDBfromtheMAG, a native of Magnolia, AR, is one of the few who have chosen to use their talent for an overall better cause. Growing up in the Church environment, he was introduced to Christ at a young age, but as years followed, he found himself in the footsteps of many who lost track of the true path that God had laced for them. Now, having been guided by the footsteps of his mentors, JDBfromtheMAG has been able to slowly craft his skills into a form that will allow for him to spread his message to all those that seek the knowledge of Christ. 

His main focus and goal at hand is to ensure that he opens the listener’s ears on the different things that are taking place in the world and show them how they relate to the teachings of Christ. Currently living in Northern Virginia, and not always the best of role models, JDBfromtheMAG came to a reality check that the life that he was living wasn’t one that would be beneficial to him or others around him in the long run. JDBfromtheMAG has been able to find the true light and courage inside of him to allow him to choose the road of Spiritual awareness. 

While trying to establish himself on the secular side of the music industry, JDBfromtheMAG saw highs and lows, but never really established his true connection. Coincidently, God’s path allowed him to cross paths with T.D. Hunter, one half of Liberal Souls, who was influential in him reintroducing himself to the Lord. Now working on his first solo project, he has teamed up with the likes of Da Liberal Soul Charles Dixon in order to hone his skills and bring for what is soon to be a valiant effort on wax. One thing that he wants to reiterate to all is the importance of reading the Bible and building a personal relationship with God, because at the end of the day, everyone is responsible for their own judgment. One verse he wants to leave you with is Genesis 17:5 “No longer will you be called Abram; your name will be Abraham, for I have made you a father of many nations”. The significance of this verse is the fact that we all were born to the names and lives that were destined by us and at some point we will become aware of who we are and what God has set forth for us to accomplish. From that point, we to will make the change from Abram to Abraham in order for us to reach out to the nation of Brothers and Sisters who are in the need of the Word, God.

Listen for his track "Rough Neighborhood" playing on Music Money Mixtapes!

Dj Bankrupt: "Definitely when you come here to this site, know that you are embraced as family when you work with me. Regardless of religion, culture or anything other preference, music removes traditional boundaries. Know that you'll always have a special haven here, on Music Money Mixtapes."

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