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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

@droopthatpiff Joins the Music Money Mixtapes family

Droopy aka Droop aka That Piff, also know to others by many other names (born and raised in port-au-prince, Haiti but later moved to atlanta ), began his rap career the summer of 04’ in the basement of fellow ProdigE member DynastE (D.Y). Being the first time recording in a booth Droop had a difficult time adapting to those around him. The other two had more experience, making him feel out of place. Whereas many might have given up for feeling like a turtle in a rabbit’s race, Droop did the complete opposite. Rather than throwing in the towel, Droop in his own words “put in mad work” and did whatever it took to improve his skills in the studio. While others would play, Droop remained focused on his work. At the time, Droop made sure that he paid attention to the things that D.Y would do in his verses to become more familiar with the format. While Droop was working on his own solo LP, D.Y began to see potential in him and mentioned his name to T.R.I.G.G.A. (Trig), the other one of the two original ProdigEs at the time. Trig at the times was working very hard putting together tracks with D.Y and wasn’t interested in a new addition. D.Y continued to work with Droop, boosting his work and his dedication. Eventually, Trig came around after hearing a few tracks and agreed to take Droop in and give it a try. However, he was not fully convinced that Droop really had the potential that D.Y spoke of. That is until one day, while working on the ProdigE LP, Trig came across a verse recorded by Droop to a rough version of the song titled “Gettin’ That Paper.” Droop says he will forever remember that day when Trig called him and D.Y down stairs to hear what is now the final version to “Gettin’ That Paper.” Inspired by Droop’s verse, Trig remade the beat to “Gettin’ That Paper.” That night Droop remembers Trig saying to both D.Y and himself that that is was what he needed to hear to let him know that Droop truly had potential. Ever since that day, Droop took pride in being called a ProdigE and has come a long way since summer 04’.

Check out Droop on Myspace, Twitter and listen to his music on Music Money Mixtapes radio!

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