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Sunday, July 11, 2010

@blancothedon Don Blanco added to the "MAD MONEY" mixtape roster

Blanco "The Don" a.k.a. Don Blanco - "db" Biography: At six, most kids were busy playing with marbles or silly-puddy, or running around with toy-guns playing "cops & robbers", while this kid was as high as a Georgia Pine--smoking some of the highest quality marijuana in California--making deliveries and "pick-ups" with his drug peddling babysitter in a blood-money circle of gangsters, car theives, stick-up kids, hustlers and suppliers.

As son of one of the few white activists of the Civil Rights movement, like his older brother who excelled scholastically, he was a bright kid; however, under an early influence of weed, drug money and hip-hop, this young artist had a different picture painted of his future in mind. The Intellect: Born and raised in Pasadena, California, this ghetto raised, latch-key kid learned the ways of the streets at a young age--by third grade he was selling "joints" of marijuana to the sixth graders at recess.

Without the presence of his mother, his pops working long hours, and his brother away at college, his home soon became the spot for gangsters, hustlers, and, of course, the females. He was a young talented artist with a bright future surrounded by a magnetic environment of drugs, money, sex and violence. By 18, he was working for one of the underlings to a figurehead in one of the most notorious Mexican organized crime families in Southern California. As unsuspecting as he was a criminal, he was equally expected by family and friends to fulfill the American Dream, seeing he was such a talented artist--but especially, because he's white. After a lifelong relationship with hip-hop, involving everything from "poppin' & breakin'" in suede Pumas with the fat-laces, to "throwin' up burners" with Krylon spray-paint cans, the street-hugging city kid decided to begin manifesting his hidden dream of becoming the first white rapper.

He got off to a slow start, until a childhood friend, named Dirt (who later became known as Filthy F. Rich) came back from New York with talk of becoming a rapper. The two soon began formulating amateur songs on a 8-track mixer in Filthy's livingroom apartment in Altadena, California. It wasn't long before they linked up with one of Filthy's relatives, LP (Lance Pierre), who was working for Death Row Records, at the time, as a digital sounds engineer. After two years of recording on static ridden cassettes, Filthy went back to N.Y., and left the token white-boy right back where he started. At 19, he was shot in the chest with a .38 caliber bullet, at point-blank range, in his own house in Pasadena. The bullet travelled into his throat, severing his wind-pipe in two, leaving him gasping for air and clutching to life. After 4 1/2 hours of surgery, he was informed by doctors that he died in surgery and was successfully revived, but there was a 95% chance that he would never talk again. Immediately, he bought a new note-pad and began writing rhymes, now, even more determined to pursue his dream. He started out as a "runner" for Death Row Records at Can-Am Recording Studios in Oxnard, California, before he was invited to New York in a plan to make fast, drug-money with Filthy--in hopes of putting out their own music--not knowing he would meet Rebel and his brothers, Drama and Tempa', who had a strikingly similar plan. Drawn, by divine guidance, to the camp of the Hebrews, specifically, the House of Lewi: B'nai Zaken Maccabees, he was introduced, by Filthy, to his teacher, Chief of Chiefs Rophe a.k.a. "Doc"--who just happens to be the father of Rebel, Drama, and Tempa'. They soon joined forces to become a deadly threat to the industry, and in the street. 

This was the beginning of T.S.F., and the movement that would change his, and their lives, forever. Their plans, however, were interrupted when all five hustlers were individually incarcerated. The white one, better known by the name of: Blanco "The Don", was delivered (by the mercy of the Most High) from a sentence of up to 25-years in prison if convicted. The others went in and out of prison over the next 4 years--Tempa', on the run prior to his bid, and Filthy, shot 9 times--until all five talented, young artists were reunited to form the unstoppable, Thug Slaughter Force... The birth of a new era in hip-hop.

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