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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Artist: CAP added to the "MAD MONEY" mixtape roster

Back to the essence of what makes a hip-hop artist who he is, Cap, which stands for ‘Control All Possibilities,’ is a true lyricist in every sense of the word. Starting in 2003 as a witty freestyler, he battled his way up the local ranks earning fans and respect. From there he started to transform the poetry he wrote since he was about 10, into a more rhythmic form better known as hip-hop. He started working with local DJ’s, producers & artists setting up alliances throughout northern New Jersey & the New York City area. He then formed a group titled ‘Union Starz’ with local artist Primetyme, performing at numerous clubs in the area. However after the tragic death of a friend the group came to a cease.

      After the separation, Cap teamed up with local artist/engineer Prisoner to form ‘CPR Records,’ which stands for ‘Change Peoples Reality.’ He decided to go back to his roots and dropped his first solo mixtape titled ‘Fundamentals of a Lyricist.’ DJ Life of ‘Respect da Grind’/’Streetsweepers Ent.,’ hosted the mixtape featuring production by Vybe Beatz, VTZ, Lyr1cz Productions & Deviouz Soundz. He also collaborated with label-mate Prisoner & local artists Kingshon & Sin-Cere. The highlight of the mixtape was a live freestyle cipher from the ‘Shit Like That’ radio show hosted by DJ Don Demarco. It was a ‘back-and-forth’ style session with artist B-Dot of NJ, live on 106.3 FM. From there an alliance was formed with Demarco as well as DJ’s Cassius Clay & 3 Stacks all of ‘Streets of Desert Storm.’ It was followed with Cap appearing on 7 Don Demarco mixtapes as well as 2 more appearances on the radio show, gaining more respect and fans. He also made 1 appearance on DJ 3 Stacks mixtape on an exclusive remix to ‘Zoo,’ a track by Nicole Scherzinger of ‘The Pussycat Dolls.’ During that period he continued working with DJ Life having 4 of his tracks appearing on 2 of Life’s mixtapes. He also started working with Promoters David L & Kevin James of ‘Respect da Grind Entertainment.’ After a good showing he was offered a spot in the ‘NYC 5-Boro Stop the Violence Tour, 2009,’ ran by J&M Entertainment. After much success he continued performing throughout New York City through both entities as well as shows hosted by ‘Streets of Desert Storm.’

      In August 2009 at a show in Brooklyn, Cap linked up with a promoter from the Philadelphia area of ‘Upper Echelon Ent.’ They requested he perform at their next event. After another successful performance he continued working with all 4 companies as well as being accepted to another tour titled the ‘My Swagger Tour,’ through ‘Midwest Flawless Entertainment.’ However due to financial setbacks the tour was delayed and later cancelled in late 2009. He then started working with ‘Indie Elite Promotions,’ who host private shows in front of A&R talent scouts.

      As 2010 started, Cap continued working with artists from Paterson, Passaic, Jersey City, Teaneck & Newark, NJ, as well as New York City. He has also added 3 artists to his label and had his songs in regular rotation on internet radio such as &, working with Don Demarco, 3 Stacks & DJ N.O. of Coast2Coast mixtapes. He is also the member of the group ‘C4’ consisting of label-mates Prisoner, Snax & Prank. They have since dropped the debut mixtape titled ‘N0thin’ t0 L0se,’ in June, & are putting the finishing touches on the follow-up mixtape ‘Explosion,’ scheduled to drop in August. Simultaneously Cap will be dropping his second mixtape titled ‘Cap is Cool,’ which will be accompanied with radio appearances, performances and heavy promotion.  He is definitely ‘controlling all possibilities.’ 
For more information on getting on this mixtape email: | subject: Coast2Coast debut.

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