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Sunday, April 25, 2010

SK Brings The Follow Up Mixtape! Hosted By Woogie

Now SK brings another mixtape straight to the heart of the DJ Bankrupt network, I love this new track I need a Dollar if yah didn't kill me with the Woogie bizness; but hey this track was straight hot! This brother is the real deal, telling you his story verse for verse. This is no surprise because the prelude to this, The Warm Up Mix was tottally off the hook and you can cop that here too. Angel's is another classic track you've heard that one before but the SK is holding it down. Sun down Money Up, yup the Tone Trump track "Potent" is a favorite of mine. It's got that flavor that makes you straighten out for a second to listen. But the percacets are definately "Potent". I like how Swimmin in it flowed right along to 'My Soul'. This is Woogie style mixing. And you know "Be Aight" is my favorite track, but you gonna halfta listen to understand for yourself. "I Know Brasko" freestyle instills the SK formula, the rythm in the vocal. I was wonderin when he was gonna finish #13 I heard this way back when he was playin with the crimewave remix. I think my favorite track on this tape is this new NY Freestyle track. He's gotta flesh it out and finish it, cause 1:49 doesn't give this flow the credit due. "Who you think still buys CDs the crackers?" 'Leave it Alone' is another one, rapid charge! I think 'SK Club Mix' is a perfect flo for getting back with the dro! So damn twisted, for sure. So, grab up your gobble gobble, your herbal remedy. The crowd is bugged out. Go download this f'in mixtape if yah haven't already. He's got the heart of a winner. That's what's in the mix! @DJBANKRUPT

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