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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Niya 2 Shay & Twes Pushin 2 Stars 1 Shine Mixtape

Everybody Go The Hottest Collab of 2010 "2 Stars 1 Shine Mixtape"  with Niya 2 Shay & Twes, download 4 free @ from Niya 2 Shay A.K.A. The NewStar

" I'm hardly ever a fan of other Djs when they drop the laser sound on the track, ruins it every time. I'm almost also never a fan of over done Dj effects. The intro track We Shine would be great if not for these added effects, horn sound shit. I am biased of course to support unsigned artists that are putting out mixtapes, but I think some things just distract the listener from the beat, and from what the artist is saying. So i halfta be a bit hard on them for this, because the effects would've been better as the intro, before the track comes in. 
"Hang With A Star" is definitely a hard track to rap over, because 50 did this, and in my humble opinion 50 did it best, but these guys have heart and that's something that can be taken from this. The only other problem I have with this mixtape release is the quality is 128kbps, and any release from an artist in my opinion should be 192kbps. Pay attention to this, because someone downloads this at 128 you lose a shit load of value from 128 - 192 as a rip. So if this is a low quality rip, then mention that in your download that this is a mixtape for promotional release, and if you want a high quality release for radio, then contact ________. That's my humble advice. I like the feel of  "So Hard" even though this track has been over done by a multitude of independents out there. I love their take on this track, aside from the Dj scribble on the beat and the siren thing that blares half way threw. 

Listen for a second, I'm not a fucking hater here. I'm dispensing advice as a friend. Industry executives look for shit that's new, and never been done by an independent and that's just the truth. Now listen the rap is solid on this mixtape, especially shines on "Wasted" and yeah that's been done before too but I like this take on it. Some very creative rap repetitions on the beat. This is what they pay me for - the blatant truth, and a promotional take on the album. "Never Met A Girl Like You" has some great flow to it, I'm gonna have to ask for a high quality version of that track to play on my radio show. I think the ladies are gonna like that song too. It really sounds like these guys are starting to come into their own, and discover their style when it comes to the tracks for the ladies. With a little production work from a record label, they'll be banging out some really hot tracks. "Pretty Young Thang's" hook is proof of this. Now enough bitchin for the night for me, but I really respect these guys this is a hard thing that they are trying to accomplish on the beat. Going for a refined R&B Hip Hop blend like this takes talent, and a great team. I think the favorite track of the night, has to be " Tell Me ". Not sure why, but probably because the lyrics are great and the beat is hot, it shows off the true talent of these guys. "A Star Is Born" plays a close second if the fuckin Dj didn't kill it mid way thru, but ok, its a mixtape. All in all, this mixtape is worth your download just for this track alone. "Slow it Down" is also a hot track, and the ladies gonna like that. "What about My Girl" needs a clean version cause that's definitely worth radio play worthy, and not just on Sirius. So 'nough said about the album, get in on there, download this tape! @DJBankrupt & That's what's in the mix!" 

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