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Friday, January 1, 2010

Why I am Dj Bankrupt

Allot of people ask me about why I picked the name Dj Bankrupt and not something else like Dj Money Bags, or something else. I think the story has to do with everyone's struggle, so let me break it down for you. For me its about personal struggle, the struggle to maintain a life style of Music Money and fame is often hard to attain. Some people, are left out of the "game" altogether. I started Music Money Mixtapes, and the show Mixtape Mailbox as a way for people to vent their frustrations with the state of the world. Especially now, with the new world economy. Who better to bring that vision and that platform to the people than a "hero" enter Dj Bankrupt the unsung hero of the trodden under foot, and the voice straight from the streets. I began to see the value of music created by the individual, and not by the corporation. I do this, for the love of the people and their music. People first, music second. I kept hearing stories of artists who were 'screwed' by the "Industry" and decided that I wanted to help out. To help other artists to start their own industry, and if no where else. Where else do they need to be famous, if not online now in this digital age? I've heard the criticism of the music and my dj name and I laugh about it, because we are all doing something special with this. One day at a time, one step at a time. Along with that, I've also heard the positive reflections from the artists who appreciate the work that I've done for them, for the most part - without cost - or by trade for something else of value. With the sole purpose of pushing their music to people online. Now, I'm not saying that I want to work for free, or that if you come to me I will do something for your for free. Because some people who'll remain nameless have asked for free promotion and I have turned them away. I hope to help you make money, so later you'll hire me out with pay to do something more important for you at a later date. It's an honor system, and I know that honor and dignity is in short supply these days. But I also know that what goes around comes around, and the money that you have today may not be in your pocket tomorrow. When all the rest of the Djs fail you, you can count on me for being a supportive person with information that might help you get over the hump. And since, I've actually been Bankrupt, the dj name for me is also an inside joke. About how someone can go from rich to broke, and back from broke to rich again. My sole wish for all of this, is to make friends, have fun, and when the big money comes to share it with those I am indebted to. And hopefully the person I am indebted to will be you. Thank you for your continued support, I wish you all the best in 2010. Let's make it rain! @DJBankrupt 

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