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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jayles Independent Mixtape

Check out the bio Jayle, he got somethin special for you on the mixtape tonight.

1. Im Independent Produced by Anno Domini Beats
2. Hip Hop sh*** Produced By Ugly Duckling
3. Late 20's Produced by 9th Wonder
4. Grand Champ Produced By Timeless Beats
5. Option 1 and 2 Produced By Da Cyper Beats
6. Regular Dude Ft. Skells Produced By Timeless Beats
7. Hello Money Produced By Doom
8. It Was All Good Produced By Flawless RNB
9. Ima Get It Ft Skells Produced By OP Beats
10. Everyday Dream
11. These Oz's Ft. Skells
12. Cry For Help Produced by All Around Productions
13. We Balling Ft. Skells Produced by Soul Theory
14. Young Kids Produced By Timeless Beats
15. The Illest Alive Ft Skells Produced By Lilbezoned
16 I Am Here Produced By HiFly 


Bio: New Jersey born, Bronx raised, and now resides in the 845 region of NY,.. We have a kid, that has a different approach to his music and style. With only his mom and a part time pops in the house as he grew up, plus going through 6 schools before he graduated, Jayles is far from a kid that can manage to put lyrics together to make a song. "I like to write music that the average person is affraid to admitt, and for the people who are not affraid to admitt it, and are proud of who and what they are. I have seen it all why not talk about it."

1999: Right after graduation of high school, Jayles or Les, got into a life changing experience, that altered his life as he knew it. "The car accident i got into was nothing like a fender bender, it was more like, "your gonna die, so we need to use the jaws of life on you." When I was in the hellicopter ride to Westchester Medical Center, I knew my life and my mentality would never be what it was. So, Since then i started writing lyrics that revolved around my life and my feelings."

With songs like "Late 20's", Jayles finds the truth in his age and make is something the average person can relate too. "Hey, its was a topic i thought about and ended up enjoying writing the lyrics too, plus that beat is bannanas!..Its who i am."

Antoher song called "Find Your Way Out" he expresses the issues he has often faced, regularly, when in relationships. You hear his passion in his lyrics with a very, too the point, honest raw track. "Ladies might not like it, but the real dudes will appreciate,.. especially if they had ruff time in a relationship". A familuar beat that woman can dance too, and the gentlemen can relate too. Jayles seems to touch topics that that might seem of the ordinary, but the transition he put on his lyrics, you can obviously see he has been through it and lived it.

Along with his extensively long catalog of music that goes back to the Council/Poor Rich Kids days, these two songs alone, are just the begining of the good music we will be recieving from Jayles. A humble kid that is built to be that,.. "House Hold Name.", and is catching attention from his bizzar and honest topics, "I wake up everymorning thinking today I will write my number one hit,.. but then again I think ive been doing that, its time to let everyone hear."



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