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Monday, December 21, 2009

ABeezy got the Mixtape We Loaded

A Beezy, been busy and that's no bullshit. He's got some serious lock on his city. The mixtape "We Loaded Vol. 1" got some some seriously killer swag. My favorite track on that album was "I'm cold" most definitely. So as we sit back and check out We Loaded Vol. 2, gotta wonder what's in store for us. More from the same great line up, my favorite gotta be "Crime Wave" but that's because I'm a 50 fan. This guy ABeezy got some serious connections via so hit him on Twitter, Drop That Track and ABeezy so that's how it is. With lots of great exclusive on these mixtapes they are not something you wanna miss.


  1. Thanks man.


  2. Wow, Im glad A.beezy, and us (Drop that track) are getting some recognition.. But I must say, your quite late to know this. Perhaps try to catch our mixtape when we release them, not a month later haha. Anyways Good Look on the post.


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