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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Young Skill is Almost Major

When you sit back and listen to this guy, you get the sneakin suspicion that you been there before. An Me and my bad grammar gonna say fuck you to haters at the moment. Don't expect no hand-outs no more. The track slidin in "Bad News" speaks the real brutal truth. They definately don't understand the struggle that we're living in, that's for sure. An who dis DJ Squizzle? Not sure, but he's pretty doin pretty good, nice and low key on the beat, not ridiculous or notin.

An what point did I say I'm sober listenin to the beat? Can you enjoy a beat without a stiff one? Hard to say, but I could enjoy this joint about any time of the day. Young Skill, got some real skill chewing up these haterz a real "Rockstar". You gota get this one. You got time tonight for this one, the most underated in the email Inbox, tends to be the greatest looking for a good agent. An won't be for long, you can be sure of that shit. Still got a few rough edges in the production, but I'm sure the album gonna be even better. But really, it just pushes out the realness and intensity on the mixtape.  "Internet Girlfriends" so fuckin halarious, and yet still so true, stupid funny shit. " I ain't got her number, but I got her her screen name " good to hear that he's got a light side. About " Punk Rock Girl " I once knew this real funny dude, who was a security guard back in the day, an he used to always say to me, ' Bro you gota hook me up with one of those punk rock chicks! '. This definately is the first time I heard a brotha actually sing that shit! holy fuckin killer shit!  An after this gospel on the blog, "Only God Can Judge Me". I totally feel this song, hits me down deep an I'm not a religeous guy for the most part, but sometimes a song just pushes past the wall y'know? Definately been there, money on the head and all. An if you doubt that shit, then you dont' know me. An you got this formula figured out yet. You know what my favorite track is gonna be, definately should be easy, yet another contender for the bankrupt mixtape, "Big Staxx". Yep, I want that one. We'll see, hit this boy up on the Twitter , grind it out on the Myspace, and download the Mixtape! " I Wonder " gonna be the track of the Night tho.

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