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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Urban Empire Put the "Lights Out" in Australia

When you cats talk about world-wide you better recognize talent that reps real world wide, an it don't get better than this, putten it out hard like the UK Snowgoons, Urban Empire's "Lights Out" mixtape garners international attention. An, you don't have to be the genre king to recognize and appreciate great music when you hear it. A powerful combination of new school dance'ish beats, tranceésh hynosis and urban hip-hop has blended a great style with the artists being represented here. And Urban Empire sports a great tight collection they are: Prolificjason, Showtime brooks, Vingi Flamez, Canrus Da Don, T.Dot, Fyablo and D.V.S. I have to say that this mixtape is definitely new blend of various hip-hop styles, an they can "be what you like". They seem as much influenced by European swag as North American hip hop and R&B styles. 

"Revolving Door" is a great track that grips me on a emotional level, the female vocals on this track perfecting compliment the rap, like some blend of Fergie or Beýonce but more... Followed perfectly by the next track "Lights out" and that's where the seriousness of this particular label, and it's musicians really show their talent and attention to the music. This is important up and comers, take note you need to have a fully collected flow, a perfectly correct production that compliments your style, that is high quality for what your "sound" is. 

"One Day" great trapstar quality, great flow, echoin the desire of every artist to be the one. "My Struggle" continues this theme of improving your self as you go along, the trials toward fame, the struggle to get past the issues, the regret, tackle the hurtles. Black Eyed Peas gotta worry 'bout this, if they ever make their break in North America, because their talent in excessive in the same vein of music. I hate to compare, I really do but Urban Empire sounds like allot of different ranges, influences, styles, a harmonic blend intoxicating you through-out the flow. 

"Nah No"got that reggea flow, like some african Sean Paul swag. but this is definitely the real thing, not rehash anything. All in all, this mixtape is a great blend of talents in various hip hop styles, at some point in the record you will appreciate what they are trying to do. You are just going to have to listen for yourself, their Australian fanbase already sits at 10,000 and they are going to have more world wide fans, I'm certain in the near future. Reppin Australia please take notice of Urban Empire's Mixtape and download it, an if you wanna collab hit ém up on Twitter, check em'out on Myspace. Urban Empire is heavily involved in event promotion and planning recently dealing with the big names, Wu Tang & the Lil Jon Australian Tour in 2009 so these are some big fish, you definately need to get your game on track to network with these people. I really hope you take the chance to network with them. fyablo is an Urban Empire hip hop artist, film and video director as well as an animator based in Melbourne, Australia and I am very happy to introduce this mixtape and him to you. No matter what level you are at, I'm pushin your music. Comment below, in that little box down there when your done watchin the boob tube tonight. 


  1. I downloaded Lights out as soon as the link came up....I definitely feel this's sad when the music industry promotes controversy over content,alot of the wrong people get the right feedback I think, it's time we, as the fans join forces and force the music industry to promote good music,but this can only happen if we speak with one voice...judging by the fact that I'm the only dude to leave a comment on here....if anybody's reading this right now....please don't let good music die by not taking a timeout and leave a comment.....I believe Urban Empire just put the lights out,there was too much bling in the industry anyway....c

  2. Thanks Peter! i know this reply is a couple years late, lol! but really appreciate your support! We are based in Melbourne, Australia and are tryna keep pushin our music! i i have my first solo project since 'Lights Out' titled 'VERITAS' and is out April 22nd. Shout out to DJ Bankrupt for support upcomin artists around the globe!

    you can catch us on our site:

    Urban Empire


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