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Monday, November 2, 2009

Sincere Reason - Sincerely Yours Vol.3

Sittin back to listen to Sincere Reason, I needed a real good reason cause some days you just feel like shit..

Ok, so from what I get of the 4 sentence bio, this guy has been pumpin out tracks from Michigan for a while now. This is his 3rd release, I cannot comment on his last two, but I can say a few choice words about this album. You cat's get beef for all kinds of things, but if an executive of a label asks you for a bio, generally you give more than a couple sentences, but anyways... that's just my advice.

Ok, so I'm really liking this track "6 feet", "broke isn't an option". Some really intelligent lyrics over a real dope, well thought out beat. This song revives an old anger in me, of life on the streets and just bein in a shitty area of town. Like just about all the years, that I was there. How much bullshit there is out there. This one's goin on my Ipod, for play back several times. Hard to compare this guys vocal style to anyone, he's kinda soundin like a white Canibus least in that track. An, that's a compliment. "Fall Back Freestyle" didn't like it, it doesn't match the flow of the rest of the tracks. " Hostage " same stage, just like a dark version of cannibus 2000 album, and reppin from Michigan this is some real cool shit for sure. You know guys like this, are more talented than Eminem, just poorly promoted and this isn't a shot at the brother who sent me this tape, this is just a general industry statement. Allot rappers got to get their game up, if they wanna be players at all. "Lights Camera" don't like it, again doesn't match the flow of the rest of the album, that's all i'm saying not that it's a bad song per say, I just don't think anyone can take that track seriously after hearing the other shit on the tape.  Seems to me this cat, is still looking to claim his own original style and maybe hasn't found it just yet. See if you are going to rap like a certain artist, there's a reason why rapper's sound allot the same, because its a formula that the record label has, a specific calculation of what they think this particular genre is going to listen to, for example someone who listens to hardcore rap, is not likely to listen to Eminem. They gonna listen to Method Man, or somethin darker some old Wu Tang shit. So, I'm not being critical here, you can take some appreciation that I'm not full of shit, like most Djs and article writers who just blow shit up your ass. I like the track "Mind on My Money" I think that's the kind of flow that Sincere Reason is great at making an I just can't see me puttin Light's camera whatever on the same album. All in all, this is real good shit.  Michigan's a hard rock city, lots of bad boys hittin the pen over there and it's not surprising that this type of music gonna come out of there. "You too" is a perfect example of the deadly style track comin outa there an feat. Salvatore?? that's some serious business. " Watch Ya Mouth " is some real rap, some under pressure shit, some hard core lyrical content there, some desperation, some raw cuttin emotion on the beat. An you gotta respect that shit for sure it's on point. Ok, so I want you to hit up this brah on Twitter, or beat down his Myspace, or chill on his Reverbnation page, show your support on his Facebook. Favorite song on the tape, gota be Mind on My Money, second to that Watch Ya Mouth. Peace. Download his Mixtape, it's worth the wait. Comment in that box, that's what its there for. Peace.

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