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Thursday, November 19, 2009

SHOBOAT is the Self Made Star

So, every now and again, I come across a rapper that really doesn't need my promotion, but I like the attention so I push 'im like a mad man. An If you know this Shobeezy guy, he's been around for a long damn time. 

And "Another Chain" is an example of tracks that are produced at such a high level, that the underlings are screaming blue murder on the beats. But like they say, if you aint got any haters then you aint been anywhere important.

" This How We Do It " continues the trip, and you just can't understand why this brother isn't signed by Universal already. An I can't see why, but some people decide to do it on their own, and that's the price of the doctrine of the lone wolf.  Shoboats first love was the production & entrepreneurial side of rap music, jumping into the local music scene as a producer and label owner (Mactown Ent.). Things quickly changed as he made his plight from behind the scenes to right on the front line. Now he's tellin people to "Fall Back" and there's no surprise with this, when you are a made man who's helped all kinds of other people make it farther than they should have.

 "Can You Buy That" reminds me of the hussle and west coast like flow of Ice Cube combining the slidding style of Jeezy and twanging of Chingy. The whole track was a pleasant surprise. 

When you listen to the Showboat speak you can tell he's got the industry connects. And despite the name "Sho Boat" he's a humble man. You gotta have the swag for the camera, but you don't have to be an ass in person, and this is something he shows he knows full well. Step it up, is a great message for the young wanna be's. Soak it up like a sponge. 

You have to recognize the talent behind this beat, even if you don't like the guy. "Diamond Man" is a great track, and it still has some real talk during the bling blang talkin. But you know, my favorite song, and the one I'ma hit him up for, for my mixtape is gonna be - you know it. "Money to the Ceiling" that's the flow I'm lookin fo. This is exactly the kind of music that this blog, is all about. Startin from the bottom, comin up on your own, your own steam, becoming a self made star, and Sho Boat, ShoBeezy gonna show you exactly how it's done. SHO BOAT ShoBeezy is the Self Made Star, get at him on Myspace, Twitter, on the Mactown Ent. website. Get at the mixtape! Tell him' Dj Bankrupt sent you to collect! Comment below if you know this bro!

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