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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lalah's got yur Guttah Goodie

Lalah, definately guttah goodie better than that she's gutta beauty for sure. It's refreshing when a chick rapper, is also a nice person she definitely fam. An don't think cause she's nice she aint gonna knock your block off with the beat. She gonna beat you hard with that money sack on the cover, checking speed vocals on "Jus Know That" is some seriously good rappin. She got a sexy side to her too, yah can hear it in the track, "Aint I Lahlah" but you gonna have to give her the blunt now. I had the opportunity to hear "Boy don't lie" mastered version, not on the mixtape but this is a real high quality track definitely radio ready. So producers get at her, that track is hot. God has blessed Miami with lavishly talented 

“LaLah”. often compared to Da Brat, and called the “ Come back of Left Eye of 2010”, with a bit of Missy Elliot’s uniqueness. But she def mo sexy than Missy ohhhh. I think the way she's approached this mixtape is definitely classic promotional style. Just teasin throughout the flow, make you wanna hear lots more cause "

 Lallah's Hungry " is a class act professionalism and performance. I think my favorite track of the night is gonna be, "Hot Star" on this mixtape. An I know you wanna see it, so I'm showin yah a video too. An this is live, an check out the moves from her and her girls.

You can hit her on her Myspace, You hit her on her Twitter. An you best tell he somethin nice, if you tell her I'm the reason that you found her. She's pushin all the way up from the heart of the Miami sunshine state, all the way up here to Canada. So, she's makin moves. Hope yer doin the same! This article also on my ning, ninjas.

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