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Saturday, November 7, 2009

@Laid_Thomas - IA's Only Hope to "No Ego"

Waterloo, Iowa United States has got some interesting rap comin up outa it. An Laid Thomas, was definitely on point with his last mixtape. "Need Us" is an unusual and interesting intro. "Life is Like" is a story set to a beat, some creativity there that allot of rappers now don't have, complexity and flow that you don't usually hear. Comin up, this boi must have had some real trouble in Iowa. You can hear the real in the tracks, and that's somethin to respect. 

Lotsa tracks are featurin Cheif, an they compliment each other well. "Life is like a box of chocolates, then you die". I'm the kinda person that likes these kind of tracks, so hittin me with "On The Grind" is the right thing for Laid Thomas to do. This boi is definately the best thing I've heard comin out of Iowa for sure. When rythmn is a weapon. I pay attention to the way the things that the vocals tout, I pay attention to what a brotha has to say. I listened to all the tracks on the mixtape an I talk about the things that I like.   

"My Life" what's a guys gonna say, this is almost southern in the beat, lil bit of Chamillionaire in there. I'm livin life fabulous in Waterloo don't sound like it go together, but this boi got his grind right paintin the picture of a gangsta. "Favorite Weapon" steady showin this same gangster swag, showing that he's in it for real. An reminds me about how lonely the game can be, how you gotta push hard to keep going keep flowing. Showin the dark side of the beat, showin the hardness "In The Streets". So, I think I know this brotha more than he's thinks I know him. Ain't nothin out here for nothin, always gonna cost you somethin. I like that track, sounds like it's a good fit for my world wide mixtape comin in the spring, gonna hafta ask 'bout that song. "Grind 24/7" is thee favorite track of the night. Keep this boy in mind 24/7 365 an get paper with your people. Hit him up on Twitter, check out his Myspace page. Download that mixtape. As others have faded from the lime light, he's here to stay.

The Latest Update: With no Dj pressing his latest release it's still pretty hot. Even tho I'm a mixtape Dj; I have to say my style is different from others where I let the music play out, and drop stuff in where it doesn't detract from the music. That said, to pursue furthering himself in the online mixtape battle he's Sponsored his latest tape on Dat Piff. So you take a listen for yourself and gather your opinions there.

With tracks like The Author you have hear that he's put some time and money into his grind. The cover far outweighs his last release. The Author is my favorite track on this mixtape, but that's because I love Gangsta music. 

No Ego, is a release that is unequaled in IA, trading in violence for the pen and pad is a noble endeavor. But don't count this brother out if it comes to the tribulation. This is a serious independent release. Following The Auther is That's Whats Up, is a poke at some people in the game, and follows The Auther well in the flow of the mix. This boy's done his homework on the flow, on connecting shit together in a way that makes you want to continue listening to the tape. This is only the second tape that I've sat back and really enjoyed listening to all the way this month. You can catch him on my station, he's been with the Bankrupt movement the whole way. Trust me when I say, you won't want to turn it off. My next favorite track of course is My Bread and it's apparent that's become more important to him. So, drive hard, in your game like this brother does. I really like the depth of this mixtape, it's almost wrong to call it that, it's more of an album. It definitely has that flavor.

You can catch Laid Thomas this month on Music Money Mixtapes station. Hit him up on Twitter, Download that No Ego tape on Dat Piff. Take a listen, it's worth your time. A music money mixtape legacy you wanna pay attention to.

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