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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

HotGz "Lyrical Graffiti" Mixtape

Lyrical Graffiti Mixtape, hittin on the headphones tonight. Founded in 2004 by JayO, it all began as a group of friends and some family from Upstate New York 'an who played ball together. The family that plays ball together, stays together, that's what I say.

The music just became my best friend… I could talk about anything I was seeing in my life,” says the young lyrical genius.

The first couple songs, are definately some dop hip hop, club type tracks. Despite the track title Shoot The Shooter, it's not a gangsta track, but criminal goodness none the less. I like the track "Just Lean" for sure, a good club track, pushes hard hypnotic and chronic. Definately some phsyco beat training on the mixtape, you can hear it in "California" and this here, this fresh out the block tonight. This mixtape dropped today. Fav track o' the night. That's what it is.

" What we do is make music that anyone can relate to no matter who you are…" thats what he says.

An I was waitin to hear the struggle track, and "Can't Stop Me" is a perfect example of a track that is personal, artistic, an still got feel and message in it. "That's what I say, to remind myself". Make a mole hill into a mountain. That's what you gota do, and that's what it does. They bringin Hot G Z Music. Get at em' on Twitter, Myspace, their website too! An get out there, and download that shit tonight!

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