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Sunday, November 15, 2009

DJSleepEZ Gettin At Me, with Foot Klan Radio Vol 3.

So, normally I don't fuck with DJs and normally, I don't even bother if a guy has got this much on lock. But I makin' a concession for DJ Sleep EZ cause he fam, and got his business straight. So here we go then. So first off Young Dro, got some bags, I dunno how much I like this track but the production is definately on point. Bags is a good track once he gets Young Dro get to rappin, but the hook is repetitive as fuck.. 

Young Dro, sounds like he's makin moves tho, especially on the next track, the "DJ know me", an tho the foot clan blasts over top it reminds me that these guys are in it for the money. An the mixtapes are used more for publicity of the rapper, and less for pushin a full track of an artist. Fat Joe, needs no introduction on the beat, but Lil Kim is definately killing it on there, instantaneous hard on, on the track when she moans like that. Fat Joe, be real funny. An, yup I said that shit in my article. Yup, work it baby. So, it means something to me that this cat Dj Sleep Ez gettin at me for somethin, cause that means he respects my twitter game ( an he should if you look at my stats), but for real, i'm appreciatin the respect. Track 4 "Thinkin About Me", is not really my swagger but its alright. Track 5 pushes definately sick outa the gate, an I reallly like what EZ is doin on the beat how its tracks is sick. Big Sid, brings it like he always does, Slim Thug, Chalie Boy are gettin it done. Killer Mike ft. Big Kuntry King lay it down hot with "I'ma Fool with It" but its pretty short. 6 Tre G, someone new, never heard of him but I like the track feat. Lil Boosie that's pretty trippy too. An anything with Lil Boosie on it, is gonna be hot, you can definately feel that. Track 13, got some interest from me too. Pinney Wods feat. Lil Wayne gotta threatenin you on the beat too, "Be Aiight" that track is hot worth gettin. So that boi is makin moves if he's fuc'in with Lil Wayne got some bone thug swell, on his rap method. Very nice. An Lil Wayne is rad as usual. An I think this is maybe be my choice for track of the tape. 50 cent, be hittin it as per his regular self, a little different but the usual Unit swag. But I can't say that Dreaming is 50's best song, nope. I can't say that with the new joints he currently has out. But Maino, feat. Loydd Banks come'on there some serious slow flow there, so Maino makin moves too.

Puttin DMX on the same tape has 50 take some balls, so DJ SleepEz got his work cut out for him on this! DMX is pushin his trap hard, harder than he been in a while. Cause he aint bein doin shit up here for a while. So like this joint too. E-40 ft. Young Jeezy has gota be my favorite track of the tape tonight. I'm sorry Lil Wayne, "Gettin Money" gonna always be my favorite thing. So throw your hands up when its raining in the club, E-40 is whack crazy talk as usual, but that's his thing. So you decide, which hook is better tonight. Hit up BIG Dj Sleep EZ on his Myspace, on his Twitter, on his website. Download the mixtape. Really, its' definately not hard to find this brother. An the rest of you Djs gotta get your game up, for real and get that Dj Drama money! Cause Smokey an Flo Rida gonna keep all the money, on this beat, an that's what dem girl's like!! Comment below if you think you know DJ Sleep EZ!


  1. Dats My Dj!
    -Phrizzle Mane Da King_

  2. what up Sleepz the grind is paying off my dude proud of your progress keep grinding much respect.
    V.A.S.K ENT.


  4. Do ya thang Sleep...I'm waitin on you to come take ova Detroit

  5. you got to keep a hustle game with good results to follow....Big up 2 Dj Sleep EZ....AKA I CALL HIM THE TREND sPINNER... keep grinden THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT....Ainigriv Adorn


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