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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ditch, he's got "Clout" on the Mixtape

Pushin out the "Clout" here's a man that's been in the business for a while, with lots of industry connects. An Ditch is puttin out this blend of new style rap, and harmonic experimental tracks that I think you're going to like. Not sure about the cover, he's got more mixtapes out, and " Public Intoxication " on the way. "Come N Get Me" reminds me a bit of ICP Insanity, with a shake of Cypress Hill influences. The Sage of Violence is in the house of pain! An, comin up in California, this is the new breed of rockstar personality. Definitely, ahead of the curve.
"Getting Money" is definately a sick track for sure! Livin large life, I love that kind of music so I have to be biased here, an push this track more. I wanna get access to put this shit on the mixtape I'm plannin of all money tracks, you all know about. I like that one - fo sho! Stack that Cheddar!

Cash Flow! Gettin Money Bitch! Title Track, "Clout" man, this shit is hardcore, poppin Gangsta style, lots of low-end an you gota like that. You can hear so many different influences in Ditch's music, its hard to ever lock him down. This boi's media is on point, he's the first one of you's to send me an actual press kit, so the boi's done his "legal tender" homework. He's got lots of promotionals, just check out the Bankrupt Channel an comin from where he does, it comes at no surprise.

Those psychopathic bongo drums in "Wave Your Hands" are some real hypnotic voodoo shit. Check out his site, Lethal Tender Music. Lots on there. "Get A Grip" got some crazy chick on there, harder harder, the hater crushin track as per mixtape usual, but definitely creative an poppin n' boot knockin. An intense sad 1 min 44 seconds. I think they call this experimental crossover trip-hop. This guy's push reminds me of my own brother's walk towards stardom. This is no easy road to take. Ditch has performed well over 300 shows at this point in his career some with Too Short, Shwayze, Eek-A-Mouse, Mellow Man Ace, Sen Dog, Reyes Bros,  Bubba Sparxxx, Omar Cruz, Pepper, Fishbone, Kottonmouth Kings and many more. An yes, he's actually got the tour-date thing goin on. So here's what you do if you wanna get in with him, check him out on his Myspace, some great pics with the ladies there. Hit the brother up on the Twitter box! Check out his youtube channel too, an I dropped some of his stuff on the bankrupt channel too. Comment below, thats what the mother fuckin box is for. Download the Mixtape. Get some porn chicks, to push yah or somethin! So we can stack that paper!

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