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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Azage got The Bars Outbreak

Longest in the box, tends to be the best like an old wine, or a good stiff drink that with age gets better by the day. An Azage's mixtape is doin that for me tonight. And I feel bad for not getting to it sooner, seein as how great this music is.

This boi is a real artist, don't be deceived by the lack of an obnoxious "professional" cover, because nothing about this guy is "the norm". This is a rap saga, in it's own right. One of those tapes, that you actually sit back and listen to, all the way threw beat for beat, and song for song. 

The first track to catch my ear, was "Home Alone" but the song was far to short, for the lyrical content. Jus wished it was longer.

"MVP" got some serious style, definitely some great old school hip hop beat there. And with every track, it seems like the boy is telling us a story. In "Got Me Lookin" How to come up, and not get killed. Paint'in a picture educating with the lyrical rhythm.  How to lose friends, and still make it past the hardship. An if you tired of the club tracks, an you want some real rap, to push into your brain, to make you consider differences in altitude and life style. Azage has got your ear for sure. "All I Got" is a great track too, an happy that he was influenced by coming up in Toronto, an showing that it's no picnic up here either. In fact, the project(s) in canadian cities could be even worse, seein as how there's no mercy from the weather. And we are just as hard up here, when it comes to the pain of drugs taking away the kids far to early. I'm not trying to say this life is harder, because in allot of ways the political policies here are easier on the youth than anywhere else in the world. I'm just saying, that I get it. "Don't Do It" is a real heart felt track, that I'll have to ask him about some time. Something real, something definitely dramatic and dark. Reminds me of a life, that I can no longer speak of. I think you are just going to have to listen to this music, to know what I'm talkin about. Hit this boi up on his Twitter, check out his Website, download the mixtape, and enjoy this video. Comment if you appreciate his music.  

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