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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Young Scolla - Sign Of Greatness

When you lookin at a sign of greatness as with this title, your probably lookin for more from this album. Maybe cause I am hearin the latest of greatness lately, and this guy is up against some heavy hitters.

Here's a few tracks on this release that I'm down with. I'm definately noticin how much real flow this girl Katrina Carson girl has on this mix. I like the flow of the track, "Ain't it" and this other one, "Dreams to Reality" on Dreams, you can hear the determination on the track, and the feelin and that's really what works for me with this style of Hip Hop.

An maybe jus cause I like Southern Rythm, I like the tracks "Don't You Know" and "Throw a Stack" but that's jus me. This is the first mixtape that I see on his resume, so I'll give him props for gettin it done but allot of work needs to be done on the refinement of the tracks. Looks like he gots lots of support on Datpiff from his industry peers, and that's all over important.

" Since (elementary school) he has been connected to and seen the birth of over twenty different talented artists and multiple collaborative unions. His earliest experience rapping was with his friends Will Grinden and Willy J. Peso, and cousin Truth Da Anomoly. "

And Scolla's release shows you how far some creative marketing can push your mixtape, even when the mastering isn't the greatest. An I'm only hatin on DJs that let you put out a product on the web, that's meant to be played on good system right? When you put it together, you're lookin at the whole package and that's what you need as an artist, to make it somewhere in the game right?

Judgin by all his websites, he's been helpin allot of cats and that also put's you ahead in the game. His Myspace has a different feel than the mixtape and that's good on him. An he's got somethin goin called Blood Sport Entertainment an your gonna wanna click on there and see what's up. An definately, the mixdowns on that Blood Sport Entertainment site, have the mp3's streamin at a way more enjoyable bitrate. Man, please don't ignore this. On the web, go to your bro's house an listen to the web version, an adjust it for the web. Drop the bass, bring up the mid, an you'll see what i'ma sayin. An, like I'm sayin I'm not Hatin, in fact I like that song, "Hatin on Me" so if you take the tracks, and compare the Datpiff version to this version, the Soundclick version sounds waaay better. An I'm bein real, I gota good set of speakers real clear like but I'ma Dj right. An I think you better listen to this track, This soundcick version of "Fall Back" that's how it's done y'hear me? I really, wish I could re-release this track on my mixtape cause I would fix the bitrate - levels an mak'em pimp an I don't just say shit, I do shit for you cuz...

" His clients include Pat Piff, J Hill, Roxwel, Big Gov, Big Cas, Quest M.C.O.D.Y., Da Gratiot Boyz, Hustle Muzik, J-Fin, Ale Blade and many more. When asked about his outlook on the rap game in general he had this to say: "There's been a lot of controversy over the Hip-Hop is Dead campaign. I say Hip-Hop is in a coma. Not to knock any music that's coming out but there is a over saturation. No depth in the music anymore. People aren't saying much. Until there is a balance, rap is going into a pit fall..."

That all said, pay attention to this bro, he's comin out with more stuff in Prelude To Perfection which is his newest, I think, an that's a whole n'other mixtape. So, check it - Young Scolla - Sign Of Greatness. Check it out, let me know what you think, in that comment box below. That's what it's for.

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