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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tha Centop - Remix King - Volume One

It's about fuckin time, Imma do me and you do you. Bout time you met some of the big boyz on the roster like Tha Centop. And he be flexin his muscles for real on this joint. It's smokin, not your regular Houston layups.

While all you crackker Rappers are fallin asleep at the wheel, these guys are Trickin out tracks at no end, and it sounds sicker than I thought it would.

Track 7 Boss, pushes in a direction you rarely hear. He's takin all kinds of regular mixes with DeeJay Chaos. An making them memorable. Aside from that fuckin Horn that's on all kindz of mixtapes. I'm guessin to discourage DJ's from playin their shit on these Big Bad Speakers.

An even if you don't like the Mixtape, an you might not like all of it if you like the popular Baby Can I stuff.. You can hit up his Myspace for more Insane weaponry. Yall thought this was a game for me, this aint no gimmic, this is the real deal!

" Tha Centop is known as a 25 year-old Rap & R&B Lyricist/Songwriter, Producer, and Performing Artist. He is also known as Tha Rapp Game Rocky, Tha ReMix King, and Beast Mode Activated. As a young boy, he had dreams of being an NFL Player. However, he was steered toward music and the unknown love he had for rhyme. Tha Centop feels if you want to master your craft it takes study, time and dedication. Overall the talent level is immeasurable and he is becoming a force to reckon with in Industry. To leave you with one last quote from Tha Centop, “A Person living without mistakes isn’t truly living”."

Haters, You better "Back da F#CK Up"! I'm bringin out the big boys on this blog! I'm a "Pull Up" and let the top drop back, I'll be shooter cause I can't fuckin drive, but that doesn't mean your ass'll stay alive. Comment ' 4 real. -DJBankrupt

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