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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Styx Figure - P.U.S.H. Play Until Something Happens

Ok, so I'm a hit the bong all night long with this Styx Figure Mixtape hosted by Mr. P-CUTTA. An threw the smokey haze, and playin' till something happens.. um... I'm really wonderin why guy's like this aren't better represented on Twitter and Facebook and social media in general, and no doubt it's cause guys like this are gettin'um shit poppin in the clubs, an not havin time to manage that shit. An lookee here, I'm up on doin that social media shit, so let's take a hard stare at the album shall we? An talk business later...

Now Introducing Me, hits hard right on the bat, with some great hard rock / rap beat. Somethin hit's hard right up right away. Born and raised in Washington D.C. this boy is hittin hard.

I'm likin this track Just Be Me track 5, some serious rap on this mix, speakin real about the industry. An this boy pushes hard, and that's what you have to do these days to even get noticed. An he's totally right about the industry rippin boyz off for their music for free. An, there ain't much point in the game if you are doin everything for free. This is a rapper after my own heart "MONEY". An I like this and the next track follows up with the same vibe, forcing guys to bring their "A GAME" killin it with the vocals on the locals.

Oh damn, man P-CUTTA I can't dis this DJ at all cause holy shit he's not brakin up tracks with the retard horn, or the lamer shotgun, that's newbie shit. I see what the real Djs are doin on this at the moment. "I GET RIGHT" has followed up the last two, so I'm playing til somethin happens. An this boy put's in the work, and gets it fly, gets it right. I'm totally thank-ful I didn't let this shit in my box for any longer. I'm trying to think whether i like the vocal effect on "Get My Adam West On" I think the rap would be better if he didn't use the effect so much, but it is "up" with the times. Thankfully, it's followed up with "Upgrade Your Class" which I think is like the one song not about money, but I don't like it so much even tho the rap is good, it's just not my style it's definately some stuff for the girls.

I love this track "Complicated" it reminds me of Skull'N'Bones stuff done by my favorite bros the Cypress Hill, some definate influence there. No, I'm thinkin I really like this track. Yeah, it's pretty crazy mixin hard'rock and rap like that, for agression there's no substitute on the beat. An he shows his ability to switch shit up on the beats there. "I'm Hot" comes on as a strong remix, of a hipnotic beat, and messes wit you on the kronic that's for sure. But I dunno know if i wanna hear 'bout anyone's penis on the beat. It must appeal to the ladies, I'm a ask my gangsta girls, but I appreciate the humor. "Victory" um, this is definately a favorite remix on a classic beat. He's gonna get some flac on doin that. But Styx really pulls it off, holy smack, damn he's showin his talent on his mix. Force like a Jedi, I ain't gonna lie I like that goin to Japan , Super Mario shit.

An let's look at what's being done right on this track list, the flow is good all the way threw thanks to P-CUTTA and that's some good production on the beats, somebody other than me understands that the downloaded sound is a different medium. And the focus is definately polished on this. "Come Blow" show's off some lyrical prowness, and the ability to think fast on the mix which is a seriously good talent you want to have. "Check Dat" brings up the mix with that serious type warning crack music ' i guess i'm so fuckin blessed haha. Good stuff from Young Crisis on this track. Stacks stay in the pocket, I love that! Great stuff, gettin dough is definately permitted. I wonder if you know what the Styx reference is? I want the track "The Great Recession" on my mixtape, the track is hot.

But I think my favorite track on the Beast is "FALL BACK", the ryhme is sick, and the beat is on point, an no Dj spoilin it on the track. I'm hittin my head on this track at the Precinct for real. In the belly of this beast! Definately pushin som new high's on this blog. More talent is comin here daily. An this is no exception, to the high caliber of people that I'm meetin and greetin. It's got the hooks I like to. And to stop bloggin about guys like this... You gonna have to " Shoot Me ", and I'm not bein soft on shittee Djs, and we callin out the crack heads every single day. So when you hear some quality for P-CUTTA and KHALED and DRAMA we better get some respect. Hit up Styx Figure on the Twitter or on the MySpace an thank him for leavin us a new joint we can smoke too... , So comment in one of them boxes down below, that's what they are there for.



  2. ok styx! the boy is grindin' and he can tell in the lyrics that he serious bout this shyt.....good shit

  3. Thanks for big up'n my homie. He has been grinding hard to put things together. He lives where hiphop is! No bullshit! Styx you getting the respect deserved, aint no turning back! Lets GO!


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