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Thursday, October 22, 2009

NewDayWorld - The Industry Rejects Mixtape

NewDayWorld is pushin a new style of rap crack here.. Callin demselves Industry Rejects and at this point I'm not entirely sure why. Like they said tho, it depends on who you know. I have to agree, to get airplay, to get somewhere not only do you have to be an inspirational artist. You have know people in the industry and beyond that you have to push your stuff out! Devon “D.E” Johnson (22) and Antonio “TONE” Husband (23) were both born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Some big talent coming out of there. An I have to say this is for real shit, definately, not what you expect when you jump on a mixtape it's more creative than the usual tracks - an this can work with you, or work against you. For these guys, I think that it works for them. You can hear the creative pushin in "Run This Town" some real good rap on that; but like I said not something you normally hear. Like he says, "the sky is the limit". I think it would make airplay simply because people are lookin for new an interestin shit up here. In Canada we still buy CDs on occasion, we know that's how we support new artists comin up in the game! Definately, like he says it has a breath of fresh air. Lately, I don't know but I've been hearin the mixtapes pushed to new creative heights. An pushed to new levels simply because there is a new hunger for the fortune with the way the shitee economy is this last while. There's extra agression in the tracks, more movement in the samples testing out new ways of bein different and making your mark. You hear this in "No Chaser", some lyrical Qips pushin buttons on people that are in control in the area, I'm pretty sure. Playin up the beats an some real executive style.

For guys, not tryin to fit in with the industry an takin shots at it, "Ready For The Weekend" has some throw back dance track, overlain with rappin an I think given the right production, and equalization on the track would be popular on some radio stations - which is kinda funny. With melodies that are unforgettable and rhymes that we touch you, you know they will be headed for greatness. "4-Ever" is a straight up track that you expect in this particular time frame. An I still think the hits and the spits and the beef he's pushin is ironic. An I guess if you can't beat 'em yah join 'em. 4-Ever is a catchy track too, but I think that fuckin horn at the end hadta wreck it for me an not cause I don't like the track - I jus hate that horn sound. "Kings in a Chess Game" has some seriously interesting sampling on the track, mixin this song with that song, and puttin in a beat that's original on top. Which I think is actually very clever of them.

This really brings to focus, the people that rap for reasons other than money
and not because they aren't talented. It's my assumption that it's mostly because of greedy and poor management of assets. An that's why the whole music industry is hurting from the inside out. Chargin a shitload for artist shows, and then what? Havin these videos on Youtube, but not comin out at the right time an exploting the artist just enough to sell a wee little bit, and take the rights away from the artist. And lets look at why Artists believe that misconception that enough plays are gonna get them dollars. If you make it for free, nobody's gonna buy it. An, that's all the preachin I gonna do.

On "
Can't Afford Everything" they'r makin a bit of fun of Britney, is definately funny and a classic if you ask me. But No Dissin on my Britney, she's hot, nothin 'bout that you can say othewise. But definately an interesting take on the track, and raises the bar at the right time with the flow. So, all in all the end of the song, I like it even more than when it started. Why do I like this? I appreciate real swagger, real creativity on the beat. Favorite track of the night, is gonna be "Industry Reject" with the Nostradamus insertion in the song. Do you know who dat is? Call, them prophets of the NewDayWorld and they gonna run this town - for at least tonight - on Music Money Mixtapes. Alright, hit up these boys on Twitter and beat down their Myspace an show 'em they are not industry rejects everywhere, after all there's always quality Authors that will listen to the tracks. Download their Mixtape - check out their website an tell 'em I sent you to get at 'em.

I'm not gonna say I feel everything on the mixtape, but I can't say anything bad about creativity and puttin that hard work in. It's all or nothin baby! Let's take the last track into consideration, and when you fall down - Get Up Again.

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