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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mean Street Ent Presents - From Da Crib To Da Block

From Da Crib To Da Block, mixtape what can I say tonight? Listenin to it, I wish the songs were a bit longer, and my usual DJ Beef what's the deal with DJ's ruining the beat by blabbin shit? I like the track "Knock It Off" these boys got some talent at 19, if that's what he is, that's surprising for real.

" Mean Street Ent is a record label created in Virginia Beach by the 2 well known founders Ty Gully & Young Thug. These two artist are REAL brothers who are creating a tremendous buzz from their music and promotion throughout virginia. "

"Dopeboy Fresh" is also a good track, but the keys are a bit repetitive, but if worked this track myself, I would lower the tone of the keys, to match the second part. The rap is solid tho.

Creepin along, "Let Her Go" I don't know about I like it, but I'm reminded of somethin my boss keeps tellin me, this love shit, is God's evil trick. An them chicks, can mess wit your hear for real. But some of 'dem are there for your life - so you best be nice to those ones. I think "Dolla Bill On My Stand" is gonna be my favorite track tonight along with "Get it How You Live" , yet again another money track. An maybe that's just cause I love money so much. Cause, it seems like the cats always put more effort into these types of tracks. An you always can use a song to bump your head to in the summer time - for real. Make the songs longer tho, damn.

Media: " The name "Mean Street Ent" really spread through the streets of Va in 2007/2008 after releasing a remix to Lil Wayne hit single "A Millie" the song was so powerful it landed Mean Street Ent on the myspace top artist music chart as #1 unsigned hip hop/rap artist in Virginia! "

So, I'm gonna be lookin to these "Beach Boys" for when their album comes out, or when their next mixtape comes out. Cause I'm sure it'll be bangin, with longer tracks, an no Dj flabba. I'm not hatin on these guys, I'm just hatin on other Djs that are in the way right? So, swing over an

Ok Whoah - hold up I like that other song too, VA Swagger. Ok , ok, so the mixtape gets better as you go down the track list. An once you get past that Dj King Kong, an if I could loop it, I'd loop the track "Stress Out". An that song resonates with all the way, that tracks a hit, an easily could get radio play. So I suggest, they move on that track. I come correct, that's my favorite track. That one's gonna be on my Ipod, when the CD comes out, or I'm cuttin that King Kong out.

" The two brothers Ty Gully & Young Thug still remain unsigned but will be making a major move for their careers in 2010 so stay tuned in! Contact Mean Street Ent: at " or ...

Check out Mean Street Entertainment on MySpace and on the Twitter machine. An tell 'em that you found 'em on my blog. Cause these guys are "Really Gettin Hot" that's cause there up here on this blog now. Gettin a review from a Dj that actually listened to their mixtape. So pay props. Pay some homage homie. ' If you ain't my friend, you gettin X'd out. ' Comment or "Swag Up" or like the gal Lady Legacy says ' Fuck what you say! '.

1 comment:

  1. I definately been listening to them since 2008. I haven't been a fan of rap but they def. give some songs to knod your head to. Theres a song I love but Ty Gully doesnt remember which one it is. Guess it's cause he has so many hit tracks :) I support em 110%


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