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Thursday, October 8, 2009

May I Present the INTALEK - While I was away.

Shifting gears a bit, I came upon INTALEK. And this is a smart rap, that reminds me of the canadian rapper Meistro Fresh West. And when we talk Intellect as my man Steve King might say, 'not for the illerates'; somethin like that.

I can't figure, if this guy is religeous in some way. But there's definately some trip hop influence in there. A definate departure from gangster rap for sure. But I'm gonna tell you a little bit about this guy. So you can full appreciate the beats. This definately has, the softer R&B feel to it.

" Intalek (pron. 'intellect') is a 22 year old, aspiring hip hop artist hailing from Virginia Beach, Virginia. The son of a military family, Intalek learned of his lyrical prowess living in Philadelphia, Maryland, overseas in the Middle East, and Virginia. He describes his hip hop style as "a Jazz rapper" with witty wordplay, thought provoking topics... This unsigned hype is truly making his mark as an independent artist along the East Coast. "

I think my favorite track on this mix would have to be. "Dead" reminds me allot of Immortal Technique. And if you don't know that guy, you need to study your rap. I definately like the vibe of "Hello Hip-Hop" which proves this guy has a future.

You hit him up on Myspace or follow him up on Twitter for some collaboration you tell him, I sent yah. Grab up, download the " While I Was Gone " mixtape his most recent work.

Look from more from this rap brethren, it sounds like his mind is mad tortured by things he's seen in his life. You would'nt know it from his pictures though... Listen to this fine intellect when you can't bang on the rough rider anthems. So let's ride into "Infinity" and see if the stars align for all of us.

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