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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

LiL Wes - Ambitions Of A Young Hustla

Man, I was waitin to hear some talent at the same Caliber as my man Burbetto, and Kamkutta and G-Lew and ofcourse Da Centop.

That said, this mixtape is a good feel right from the beginning, and none of that DJshithead stuff, blowin off their their topz on stuff.

I like the line " Me and My Money have Chemistry ", in "Born 2 Hustle". An yeah, these boys on this level make it look "Easy". Very little here that I need to say, look for this kid on the upcoming DJBankrupt mixtape!

An you know this is what rap needs, some fuckin feel good beats, because nobody is gettin by on this negative nellee shit. An you know that's cause I love tracks that talk about the love of money, but still. Lil Wes, congrats bro I think you got the formula with this mixtape. An, you know we gettin 'Crunk in the Club' right, that's what its all about, gettin big beats that you can play on those Huge Ass Speakers.

If as a DJ - I can't get up there, and spin your Vibe, and have the chicks get their clothes off to that track - then it aint good 'nough.. You gota step your game up. Like lil wes says, "gota live for today, cause tomorrow might not come". An that's what I'm sayin. You gota make your moves, make your grooves get your paper bag money, get your rubber bands from your shows. Look what Lil Wes is doin, and he's just a lil guy?

If you got the talent, and the drive you can do shit with your life! Otherwise, you gonna be on just another mutherfuckin mixtape that no-one is gonna listen to.
An since, peeps aren't buyin so much these days, your dialin failure on speed dial if you don't work on your shit, develope your shit. An a DJ comes across a track, he can throw up on the big speakers, he's gonna play it, maybe even make it his anthem or somethin and that brings you farther - right?

Look at "Catch Me in The Hood" that's a hard track, got the low bass, got the gangster rythm. That's the kinda shit that gets on the TV, with the right representation.

An you got those exploration tracks, like "How They Do That?" people hit the question how do you get that benefit, that cash, the skrillah right. And it's a valueble question, are you sellin hard? Or are you jus sittin on your ass bro? Are you on the block, are you on the grind, like lil Wes? Are you stackin chips? So, then I hear your arguement, well I'm just a small time guy - nota big name yet, but y'know people can hear talent, an people gonna respect that. But, you gotta get in their face. You gotta hustle hard, and fast - the race goes to the swift and the toughest.

An even though I can't say I favorite every track on this album, I can say that it almost played all of the way threw. An that's a big deal on me. Cause I really am no fan, of baby-lovin tracks, an that'd be the only reason - really. Hit this boy up on Twitter, check his mixtape on that piff page an get yer ass down to the Myspace. An you wanna Wake Up Hustlin now and read the Ambitions Of A Young Hustla. Cause, Lil Wes, been on this mixtape now! Now whatcha gonna do? Comment or Sumthin.


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