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Sunday, October 25, 2009

LG in " IT WAS ALL A DREAM " Mixtape

LG this brother is a rare breed
, he runs his own successful label. Born and raised Oakland he represents the struggle, the streets and the grind. Down and Out Records has really got some great rap music there. This is probably the first time an indie label sent me to their own page to push the music, and i respect that. Not religated to be pushed on datpiff, the LG. aims to please and build a following of his own.

IT WAS ALL A DREAM, is definately crackin, right from the first track "Keep It Movin" where he talks about how long he's been in the game, and pushin the music. An this was long before the Twitter track stars came up fo sho!

In "Hood Shit" he's featuring on a release from tha brotha Chato. Chato's even got his own ring tone from this song. Do you have a ring tone? Didn't think so. Hood shit makes me want to grab the blunt, and take a roll off the dro and that's another think a guy respect with interesting a full atmosphere on the track. Atmosphere is an important element in your beats.

In "It Was All A Dream" that totally shakes the low end on speakers, in true west coast style. Rappin 'bout how the guy come up, and if you believe in prophecy or not, your going to hear more of this brotha. " HE GREW UP LISTENING TO MUSIC THAT WAS MADE BY PEOPLE WHO CAME FROM THE SAME STRUGGLE HE CAME FROM AND FELT THAT HE HAD TO SHARE HIS SIDE OF THE STORY" one thing I appreciate about this release, is there is no crack smokin Dj blowin up the ryhmes over the beats, shootin off lmao shotgun clips. "Take a Picture" is perrtee funny got true Cali style. I really like "She A Winner" its one of those rare tracks that elevate the love for women, and uplifting no bitches 'hoes stuff, an not no R Kelly slow jam. An I actually listen to that shit all the way thru. Cause this is what I do. I gota get G-LEW and this boy LG in on a track together, they got some similar styles, maybe i can gettem to do that on my mixtape. They speak the real shit on the beat. Maybe even know each other. "Leave Me Alone" some serious beats there. Speakin on the real. I think need to jus go over to the page, and listen to the tracks for yourself. "I Wish" got some style like old Bel Biv Devoe or somethin like dat. Or some Bone Thugs, on the slow trip. Reminds me of hangin with my old hommies at the crib, with the chicks, and the boozin and remenissin. The follow up track gets back to hard hittin, "Hood Life" an that track reminds me of my time out by Victorville an out in Hesperia, ridin with my boy Sean, hittin that Cali weed listenin to the rap station talkin 'bout 2Pac gettin shot, an playin the new shit from Dr. Dre before Eminem was even born. Definate hood swagger on the beat! I'm gonna have to say that - Hood Life is my favorite track of the night. Hit that bro up on Twitter show him some ghetto twitta love fam, an hit him up on the Myspace with a friend request he'll connect wit yah. We livin the Hood Life, and we comin up on this media, so check it out, leave some comments below in that box there. Go listen to the mixtape. An Remember to quote him, " The Strong Survives ".

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