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Friday, October 30, 2009

Let Me Introduce: Money First

Money First, is a 4 man rap group hailing bullets from Trenton, New Jersey. Moving up in one of the most crime-stricken areas in the US and music was always the “way out. ”Boom Blake, Tranzatick, JP & Ill Kayn are pushin ideas and experiences that they personally went through in life. They feel that rap has gotten overly concerned with image and material wealth, overshadowing the main goal of creating legendary music. 

Which is funny, seein as how they are called: Money First. But when you come up from the streets you need to eat, and money comes first no doubt.

The Track "Rap Juggernauts" pushes boudaries on the beat when you get hit the sick flow, it moves yah for sure. Puttin out a serious warning to the haters, that aren't really street, they don't know who they are messing with. Reminds me of some of the tracks comin out of the UK like Snowgoons.

The Track "All Star Dough" is a pretty good song too, hard to take it seriously with the lah lah lah guy. But they talk serious later on in the beat, some issues you oughta pay attention to. They say, "I shine all day" I'll say that they do. Very good production, and humor on this one.

The Track "Club Gettin Crazy" is exactly when I was thinkin on my bankrupt productions mixtape, an they did it first. Crazy track 'bout money, and definately a track that you could throw on in the club. I don't hear mixtape in this, I hear LP, an I hear that one's comin soon. So New Jersey's got it, "in love with the paper". What they got in the water in Trenton? No idea, but it's tight like this track. I'm playin their song and the whole club is definately crazy.

Money First brings great variety on the tracks and they take some real pride in their business ventures, as well. Definately echoin in the air when you play track "G Swag" they gettin their style on it. Boom Blake who maintains the balance in the group and spearheads and moves on the executive decisions in this one who brought them to this blog, and I'm greatful for the opportunity to interact with this great talent. Let me be "the first" to introduce them to Canadian mixtape fam luv! An if yer here, that means have a beer!

The track "Get This Money" tell 'bout the state of the economy and the entertainment business and how many things have changed for the independent artists like them. "Got a money machine under my mattress" I'm so wishin. You wanna hit em, you gonna have to chec 'em on Goons Town. These guys didn't take the easy way out, they emailed me all their tracks and eliminated the usual decay of pushin tracks on Dat Piff or on myspace, when the tracks are squashed to hell. All the tracks sound on point, no bullshit Dj's wreckin the beat, but they still have the effects and the samplin on deck proper. Money First has collaborated with some of the most buzz-worthy artists in the game like Uncle Murda, Esso, Donny Goines, Panama (from the Wire) and many others. So, go hit 'em on their Twitter, on their Myspace, and get your money sacks ready. Hope I can hit these boyz to be on my tape, my favorite track, tonight has got to be, Rap Juggernauts I only listened to it like 16 times now. Check it, it's on their myspace.

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