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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lady Legacy is Movin Higher

So, tonight I'm featuring another female rap artist that's a legend in her own right. And you know that I'm talkin good cause, its the best way to treat the ladies - gentlemen. Put your hands together now, an listen to the beats she got "Fuck What You Say".

" Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in the ATX, Lady Legacy is Austin's premier female rapper. With fierce lyrics and vicious rhymes, Legacy raps it out like a tigress to edgy beats that have you innocently grooving like fresh prey. With an attitude that’s nothing but real, this delicious diva keeps her feet on the street and her heart on the East Side. "

You can find that track on her Myspace page. Definately a song pushin back the Haters. Checks come Fedex, now that's a funny line! The next track I like is, definately gota be "Heat". Cause of the line, "So many Dumb Dumbs". Beating the block, that's what she's doin.

Don't think though, that she doesn't have a softer side. Cause she's been doin some good stuff in her community.

" As a leader in Austin’s rising Hip Hop community, Lady Legacy started Positivity for Purpose, an organization that encourages youth and supports emerging artists by using the Hip-Hop culture as a tool to educate through positive, purposed associations.

Summer events like There IS H.O.P.E. in Hop-Hop, and regular workshops bring into balance a lifestyle that influences today’s pop culture worldwide.
" So she's got the heat that the boys have been lookin for. You know I really don't ever know what I'm gonna say on these reviews. I jus come up with it while I listen to the tracks and pass on my perspective. I like the song "Higher" I think it's got a good beat, that its super difficult to do this style of rap an it probably sounds best when it's live.

I'm hopin that tonight will bring us all up 'higher', and I don't mean with drugs, I mean with paper. On the dimes and nickels, an increase in the pocket change. If you like what she's doin, there is a link to her press kit on her myspace page, so you can do some further collaboratin. This girl is hella busy, so that's all I'm gonna say for now but you can look forward to hearin more from her - so haters - "Fuck what you say!" This artist, like every other artist featured here deserves more recognition than they are gettin. So, let's take it Higher now - shall we?

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