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Friday, October 23, 2009

J-Tizal an DJ Smallz in Fresh Out The Feds

Sounds like a fire drill goin off at a rap concert when you start'er up. This blog gonna be a little lighter than usual cause there's only 12 tracks on this mixtape. I find the first two tracks a lil bit busy but tight 'nough.

Growing up trying to juggle music with the street life was hard for JAYTIZAL and he was finding it hard to focus on the music spendin time in and out of correctional facilities. Inside, he was writing songs that were better than most the stuff your hear on the radio but he wasn't turning them into anything - cause rapping had been more of a hobby and not the priority that it needed to be. At that point somethin changed, an JAYTIZAL decided to get serious with what - he believes his God given talent an family agreed. So, it was time to put Oklahoma on the map. An you get to hear that skill, and time spent with the ryhmes in "DONE DAT" you can't tell him how to stack, cause he done that. Song has some good flow to it. An, the great flow continues in "WRECCIN" past a little preachin on the beat. Sweatin some southern smoke, spittin venom. I like that. Talkin a bit about his past, an this real rap. And unlike the usual Dj bullshit on the track, this DJ Smallz has my blessing on this one, the usual bullshit horn - not there, the usual shotgun - not there. An some serious cool sketchin on the tracks. An you turn up the speakers on this, it's enjoyable even at the mp3 bitrate. "BE CAREFUL" better watch what you do, some twisted shit on there, like that too. Pushin buttons hard on there.

JAYTIZAL's also an independent entrepreneur who owned his own record label at the age of 21.
With so much accomplished in so short a time, it would seem like anything JAYTIZAL puts his mind on he accomplishes and the future - well that is wide open for anything else God wants to throw his way - an that's no bragin. I couldn't listen to song 8 for the horn for heaven's sake, and you can tell DJ Smallz that I'm sayin it to yah face, which brings me to the next track "SAY IT TO MY FACE" some trippin sideways movement on the swivvle there, serious cool panning effect, sweet. Not sure about that flute thing, but JAYTIZAL manages to make it work. Pullin shit off is his thing, as he recently has performed with the likes of Big Tuck an he says his money startin to get bigerr now. An, No hatin here, on this blog I love that Southern Smoke in the bong, bammm... "FEAR THE FUTURE" is a clever track, some good movement in that song, along with some funny shoutouts. Definately, a mixtape track an not a clubbin one. I'm gonna say this, despite the shotgun crackin and the weir ass flute stuff, "SAY IT TO MY FACE" is my favorite track tonight. An yeah, if you thinking somethin, say it in fuckin comment box down there.

Hit him up on Twitter, or get at him on his Myspace, download that mixtape. An tell him I sent yah, or comment or somethin to him. An if you think you write better blogshit, then hit me up on the left side an get out a review some shit Dj... for serious JAYTIZAL sounds like he's here to stay... fakers fear the future! Now go gettin some of dat slow dro southern smoke bitchee an help a brotha out, this is DJBankrupt's residence up north here an we don't got no rules!

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