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Monday, October 19, 2009

Ice B - The Money The Mindset The Shark

Ice B, what's a guy gonna do when he's young? Probably more than some guys are gonna do when they been in the game for years, and why? Cause guys like this have nothin to lose and everything to gain! An if he keeps shittin out good tracks like he is, he's gonna make waves.

Hard to take him serious, when you first take a look at him. Unless you see him in the 4'serious pictures. An his new video, so now you hatin? Let's ask the question do you got a video? Right, no. No video for me, and been in the rap game how long did you say? I like this boi's swagger an he's speakin real on the rap. In FLY BOY, its got somethin that stick's in your head, an that's how you get paid, he jus needs a lil better production on the track, an it's gonna stic. Some beter drum samples could help too. But, y'know like usual, I'm speakin luv to the rapper an less of the producer. An that's jus how I roll. He's gotta reupload them tracks to myspace, so they sound better maybe at 192kbps or better for the .mp3 or you lose to much quality, but what the fuc do I know? I'm jus reviewin here. An like this boi , I spit THE TRUTH an that song, I like that one too. So far, I dunno he's makin a good impression even tho I don't know where the mixtape went, at least his myspace and email's got me all I need to hear right! CHOPP'EM WITH WORDS has got some twisted flo to it, like arabian or somethin. Sounds like he's hatin on haters on that track, but the vocal levels need to be pitched up a lil bit. I just want to say these boys are all bringin their game faces, and bringin up their myspace profiles to professional levels, so if you wanna be taken seriously in the game, you gotta bring somethin real to the game, somethin original, somethin that sounds def cool.

So Ice B, he's got some real good rap here. I like 21 DOWN, but like I said, the quality on the .mp3 is a bit lackin - but that's the least important part. In 21 down, he's holdin it down.

is probably his best track, both in lyrical content and track quality. An it's a real deep track, talkin 'bout allot of struggle an gettin past it. The grind on the track is punishing, and we gonna bring it hard to the fakers. I appreciate a rapper that has the guts to get on a track, and respectfully thank the god 'bout anything. An' I'm not religeous.

Hit him up on his Twitter, Get on him on his Myspace page with a friend request. I do this for fun, not for pretend, haha. that's a good line.

On the high end of the spectrum, GET MONEY is gonna give you some serious thoughts about the cash. Fuck Bitches, get money. I dig that, I'm all about my business, and talk 'bout the dead presidents. So, don't count this boy out, cause let me tell you a storie about me, about way back when. I had an underground magazine in the early 90's and promoted underground talent, and let me tell you - some of those acts are huge in the scene now and tho it's not the rap scene I rocked out with the best of them. An I can smell talent from a mile away. It's nothin personal - it's strictly business comment if you know this brotha.

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  1. I'm feeling the article. The article is real & raw.This article is one of the most refreshing blogs that I have read so far.


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