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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Massacre III - Listener Discretion Advised

Lets put on our masks and have a devilish time on the beat tonight. Takin a look at the halloween massacre from a guy I consider real fam. An maybe I'm a bit biased on this eve, but maybe not. Born Nate Hardy, born in Chicago May 5th.His momma always knew there was going to be something special about him and his music. As Nate got older he started rapping at the age of 12 doing rhymes to some of his favorite artist songs, rapping over them. At 13 Nate he and his mother moved to Las Vegas. 24 Mixtapes later, he is really a accomplished artist who takes his music serious and at the same time loves to have fun with his music.

No slidin back to the tracks, lets take a good look at that mixtape. Trappin in at the top with no commercial rappin, is a tight track featurin Static. "Your worst fuckin
Nightmare" definitely sick ass track. Grab a gat, cause you gonna be scared by this mixtape. Reminds me, of the classic Nightmare on Elmstreet shit, from way back in the 80's. Yet, again another Dj pops up over yellin on the track, not somethin I like, but at least he shut up fast. An the rap from Static, is some seriously dope shit. My boy Nate, knows how to lock in the hook.
An he's bringin some real hell down on this beat.
"I'm A Monster" hits hard too, I like the under tone keys on this track. They are prettified, when he arrives. Tearin up the club for sure with this beat. Throw that up on the loud speakers and club is gonna be havin some good fun with it for sure. Suffocating beat, like somethin from the G-Unit crew, definitely contra!

Like the number of mixtapes this brother has, this release has a good number of high quality tracks you just gonna have to download and listen to. He's done me the favor of passin the deluxe download link to just me, so pay him some real attention bloggers! Check out his plethora of tracks on DatPiff. I'm sure he broke them with the bandwith of all his tapes that are out. I think a favorite track " The Demon's Lair " that's a really funny dis on Eminem and 3am, showin his comedic strategic flow. Definitely a crooked sick beat. This brotha is 'bout to be a legend on the beat. If I was Eminem, I would be worry-in. " Pain in this Pen " some real feelin there which is relevant in this day and time, with the shitty economy. An, I think he reflects the best of the unsigned, some serious chronic tonality on the beat. This is a real beat, makin momma proud for sure. Comes down to the amount of time that it takes to put any kind of album together, the serious work that it takes to put together some good work. I don't think that very many Djs understand the level of creativity that is needed to make shit like this. My favorite track of the night is I'm a monster for sure. Hit this brother up on his Twitter, and his Myspace. An' lets beat the shit out of those haters, while we listenin to the Halloween Massacre III. Respect!

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